Condition #1

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This is my new story! Yes, it is about vampires! I wrote this before Twilight become very popular. I was a big massive fan of vampire stories but when Twilight become very popular, practically everyone here in Wattpad started writing more about vampire, I moved to werewolf stories and decide not to publish this here until now! :)

It will be slightly boring at the start but I want you all to understand how it all started. It won’t take long, probably five chapters or even maybe less. It’s just to show you what kind of personality they have.

I hope you like it! Let me know what you guys think!

Nessa xx


Condition #1 ~ Never tell anyone about the contract you signed and the deal that has been made.


Lydia could hear her heart beat faster as she stares at the pieces of paper in front of her. The pieces of paper only need one thing, her signature. If she signs the papers, she’ll have all the answer to her biggest problem but to do that, she’ll be selling her freedom. She debate in her already tired mind but it didn’t take long for her to know her answer.

She picks up her pen and took a deep breath. The sound of the metal ball of the pen being drag against the paper seems to echo in her ears louder that it usually is with every stroke of her wrist. She had signed her freedom away but she knew her pride is nothing compare to her mother’s life.

She propped her chin in the palm of her left hand and stare at the pieces of paper once again. Her eyes reread every word written in Times New Roman in size twelve over and over again. But her mind could only pick up the words marriage, conditions, rule and the number of zeroes on the piece of paper.

Two million.

The agreement states that he will pay her one million as down payment if she agrees with the deal. The one million alone was enough to pay for her mother’s heart transplant, her medicine, her brother’s and sister’s tuition fees and equipment and to pay for the mortgage.

At the end of the contract, the rest of the money will be deposit to her. Investing the money will support them for a long time just from the interest alone. Her mind had listed things she could do with the interest like improving their café and their home. But her thought becomes miserable as she realise it will not be her home for a few years to come.

Three years.

She had to spend three years living with him as ‘husband and wife’.


It was supposed to be a sign that they made a ‘deal’. The rings will remind both of them of the deal instead of the sign of their love for each other. But to Lydia the rings that will be put in her left ring finger will not only be a sign of the deal but the sign of loosing her freedom for three years to come.

She wasn’t looking forward to it but in order to help her mother, she knew she needs to swallow her pride and sign the contract. Her eyes landed back to the contract. The deal had conditions to be followed. She had read all of it and found every single one insulting and deceiving. But she had to put up with every single one.

But the one rule that seems to sends shivers down her spine was the rule that state that once the contract had been finalise, she can’t quit half way. If she did, she had to pay the one million down payment in cash. If he back away, he’ll be paying her the whole amount on the contact but she knew he’ll never give in even if she tries to, in her opinion.

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