Before the Start of My Adventure

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Before the Start of My Adventure

" Ella..." I heard as I stopped staring into the mirror. It was the faint, soft voice of my mother. She called me once more, but this time she cried out for me much louder then she usually would. She sounded frustrated and upset. The tone of her voice made it obvious that something worried her.

" Yes, mother?" I asked making my way into the hallway." I must talk to you. It's about the curse. Quickly, go back into your room and close the shades..." I was curious and scared at the same time when she told me to do this so I did not ask her anything more.

I did exactly what she said; close the shades and stay in my bedroom. As I shut the windows, my mother quickly rushed into my room and locked my door behind her. I could tell that this was something important because I am never allowed to lock my door. My mother seemed quite anxious to tell me what worried her about the curse. It almost was impossible to describe the emotion of fear and pain that was displayed across her thin face.

" Ella, please sit." softly demanded my mother. I did what she said; quickly sitting down on my bed.

" Ella, I have been quite worried about you lately for I feel that it will be to late for you... To late for you to find him and save yourself from dying a life that has just begun. That is why I think you should leave soon. Tomorrow to be the earliest..."

" Mother... I just turned seventeen. Don't you think I should wait another few months?" I asked in a slightly shocked tone of voice.

" Yes but I feel that he's... he's... he's out there, waiting for you to meet him, to fall in love with you, for him to live the rest of his life with you. I know, for certain, that he's out there but he won't be him at first glance. You'll learn to love him like I learned to love your father." my mother said on the brink of crying.

I knew she wanted me to live a happy life from the very moment I was born, one that is normal and filled with happy memories. But that would never be the case for life is filled with moments which we wish, at times, to forget, to wish that they never happened, that they never occurred in the first place.

To some people, life is nothing but a black hole; it's nothing but horrible and empty. For me, my life is filled with both good and bad memories which I would consider as a jewelry box filled with one gem. A gem which is fairly bigger then the average jewel is, but it's as precious as a bunch of small gems. Every time you look at it, you see the same exact sparkle as a group of smaller gems has...

" Mother, then I shall leave tomorrow. I will pack my things tonight so I shall leave at the very moment the sun rises, at dawn." I said trying to avoid crying. I do not, at all, wish to leave here, but if my mother wishes me to, I will and I won't come back until I've been bitten.

My mother looked into my eyes for a second, trying to see if I felt sad or depressed because she asked me to leave so soon. She quietly made her way next to me on my bed, sat down, and hugged me.

" Your bravery gives me courage... You know, you remind me of myself when I was younger." My mother said as she stopped hugging me and sat up straight beside me.

" How so?" I asked curiously.

" Well, for one, I wasn't at all afraid of anything except death. I wanted to fight for my life so I let your father bite me. I knew that he was the one because he cared about me so much, he always put me before himself, giving me the bigger half of the 'meal'." she said chuckling softly.

" Also, I did not, at all, like being cursed. I wanted to be a normal vampire, one that was able to live a life of peace. No drama, no lust, and no pain... but not even the average vampire can live a life like that." she said as she slowly grabbed my hands and held them. She then gave me a depressed look, one which she faked with a tiny smile.

That is when I realized she regretted having me for she thought I was suffering.

" Mother, do not ever regret living a nightmare, for life is precious and a gift we are all grateful of receiving. No one, as you have pointed out, lives a life so perfect that it's unreal. We should all be happy living the lives we live, even if it may be short or depressing... I wouldn't be here if you didn't meet dad. We wouldn't be a family."

She let go of my hands and placed them on her lap. I knew that she now felt ashamed of even feeling so upset about life because she did not look at me. Instead, her head faced the white marble flooring of my bedroom, her eyes shut tight. She took in long, slow, deep breaths of air to stop her from crying. I waited a minute before she turned her head towards me and began to talk.

" Then prove me wrong, Ella. Prove that life is worth all the stress, panic, and energy. Disprove me." she said slowly and shakily. Her sudden mood swing scaried me, showing me how conservative my mother was to accepting life and it's obstacles. I nodded slowly and then stood up.

" Is that all you wished to tell me, mother?" I asked impatiently. She stood up from my bed and walked on over to the door. She unlocked my door, opened it, and before she left my room, she replied," Yes, but the real goodbye is tomorrow."

That was the end of our controversial conversation. This was the only conversation I've had with my mother that actually doubted her feelings for me.

My mother was finally allowing me to leave because... She wants me to find love. Love is definitely not worth the stress I am going through at the moment.

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