The Feeder

The Feeder

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Categories: Drama, Fantasy, Action, Romance, Teen


Could you ever imagine having to find love before a certain age or die trying? Well, for Ella, that's exactly what she has to do. Ella isn't your average supernatural creature. With the blood of both a vampire and werewolf, she is the combination of life and death, good and evil: she's a halfblood. With the curse of the halfblood tossed into the fumble of a life, Ella has months left to find love and get bitten (preferably by the love of her life). If she does not get bitten by the age of 18, she will die along with her mother, grandmother, and the rest of her female ancestors.

Along with this hereditary quest, Ella meets a werewolf, Javin, who is wiling to protect her from harms way while she looks for the love of her life. Giving her a place to stay, Ella bonds with him and his family. While there, Ella learns about a handful of drainings happening in the area where Javin and his family live and agrees to help find and kill the fanged psycho. The thing is Ella doesn't know what to think when her past reunites with the future.