A Risk I'm Willing To Take

Leaving everything, everyone behind and just forgetting about this place seems like the only solution to my problem. Now that I know who he is, I have a reason to run, a reason "to hide." Hiding is not an  option.


My fever went away slowly. It took me a week to recover. My bed was my best friend, it kept me warm and safe while I was sick. Sam helped me by making me soup for both lunch and dinner. Also, she let me drink only tea, chicken broth and blood. Not once did I leave this house for over a week. Darn fever made me lazy and weak.

The weather didn't help, either. It's been really cold lately. Snow falls every other day but hasn't piled up; only thin layers of dry snow form on the forest floor. The air has been nippy. The temperature's been in the mid 30s for the past week.

"Ella," Sam called out to me from the kitchen. "There's a call for you." Who could it be?

"I'll be right there." I put on a pair of faded skinny jeans, a light green sweater and a pair of flats from my backpack before heading inside. As soon as I saw Sam's face, I knew something was terribly wrong. She looked scared and panicked, her eyes full of fear.

Something horrific has happened... Another draining probably. Let's hope not, I thought, already enough children have been killed. Over twenty corpses have been found in the past five months. I feel so bad for the victims. They had so much ahead of them.

The odd thing about the murders is that the victims were all teenagers. Most of them female. The killer has a craving for pure, young blood; a lead with plenty of dead ends.

"Here." Sam handed me the phone. Then, she backed away and leaned against the island outlining the kitchen.

"Hello?" I asked, trying to remain calm.

"Ella," Joesph's voice called through the phone. I almost didn't recognize him. I haven't spoken nor seen him in over three weeks. "How are you?"

"Fine. A lot weaker but I'm managing. How's everything going?"

"Not so good. I found another body. There was a note left for you from the killer. I can't touch it, though. It's coated with a thin layer of silver."

"Where are you?"

"About ten minutes north from your house."

"I'll come. I'll be there as soon as possible."

"All right. Be prepared." There was a click on the other line. "Be prepared?" It must be really gruesome.

"Another corpse was found." I told Sam, flashing her a worried look.

"You going to meet up with him and take a look at the body?" Sam asked, lookin uncertain.

"Yeah and something else too. A note was left behind for me."

"For you? Like addressed to you?" She asked, walking towards me slowly.

"Yeah." I walked quickly back to my room to fetch my jean jacket so I could help out.

"Can I come?" Samantha asked from the living room as I headed back through the hallway.

"Sure." Samantha ran into her room and quickly fetched her trench-coat. In less then a minute, we were out of the house, running through the forest in search of Joe


We found Joesph on his cellphone, standing a couple of feet away from the covered corpse. The smell of death was pungent; blood was on the ground and the bark of the tree near the dead body was covered with blood. From this observation, I concluded that the victim had been brought here and murdered.

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