The Night Out

After my short but oddly pleasant conversation with Derek, I headed off to my room down the hallway, and slept a little more. As I sat comfortably in bed, the smell of fish began to fade and I easily dozed off. When I woke up, I noticed Javin was in my room quietly waiting for me. At first I was a little upset because he watched me as I slept. I then remembered he promised to show me around town and eased up, smiling with happiness.

When we arrived in town that evening it was active with nightlife: partygoers, couples, and vampires... Ignoring the dead, Javin showed me around and surprised me with a trip to a mansion in the forest. We met up with an old friend of mine and I was introduced to a man that seemed to startle me. The man looked oddly familiar but I had no memory of having met him or what his name was.

After our short visit to the mansion we wandered deep into the woods. For the rest of the night out we swam together in a lake hidden away in the forest. After an hour of swimming we decided to call it a night and head to Javin's home to get washed up and go to bed.

Oddly enough, the night out about was much more dramatic than I ever expected it to be.  


When I walked back to my room I closed the bedroom door behind me and blushed. Meeting Derek was a very interesting experience. Not only was meeting him interesting but Derek, himself, was very unusual in a good way. Not only is he gorgeous but he is very judgmental, cautious, and warm hearted; three traits that are odd to find all in one person. As I continued to amuse myself by realizing how much of an oddball Derek was, I walked to my bed, jumped lightly onto the bed, and stared up at the ceiling, thick in thought.  


I was intrigued by the way Derek had presented himself to me... he has a very "different" personality compared to the rest of his brothers and sister. Then, I wondered if Javin's father was anything like or a combination of all his children's personalities. Anything's possible, I guess. 


Lying back against the bed, I looked up at the ceiling and stared for a few minutes. The smell of the cooked fish Derek had made still flooded the air of the house with a light but even stench. Since I enjoy the smell of fish, I smiled, closed my eyes, and began to drift into a slumber. This time, I dreamt a short dream.

This dream, however, had a secret message to it that I couldn't seem to decode. I just couldn't remember how to decipher it.  


I was in the middle of a forest. Birds were chirping beautiful melodies that was music to my ears. Flooding me with the passion of music, I listened to the birds' melodies until a red Robin flew to a branch of an old Oak tree. The bird sat perched on the branch while quietly observing me. It began to chirp this strange song that was both beautifully sung but odd coming from the voice box of a bird.

When the bird was finished singing its song, it stared at me and waited. Taking in the final notes of the Robin's song, a memory struck me in my mind. The bird had sung a song I had written called "Piece of the World". I haven't played it in a while so I was surprised to remember its notes at all.

After a few more seconds of silence, the Robin flew down towards me. Before the bird could touch the floor, it transformed into a beautiful naked man. His features were simple but stunning: thick but short chestnut hair, brown/gold eyes, muscular arms, legs, and torso, along with a detailed face made of tiny, soft wrinkles and lightly tan skin. As I stared at him, the man continued to look at me with an expression of loyalty wiped across his face. As the wind started to pick up a little, the man bowed his head in reverence to me, and glared at me with gentle eyes.

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