To Go Out With A Familiar Stranger

When I woke up this morning, the house was completely silent. As I could tell, all the guys except for Henry, who doesn't get out of bed till noon, were already gone and out either patrolling or working.


Alec and Derek work at this restaurant called Pattie's Place. They get up and leave for work by 7 am and arrive home around 3 pm. John and Javin get up to patrol at 10 am and arrive home at 3 pm. By the time all the guys arrive home, lunch is ready to be served. It usually takes Sam and I around an hour to cook up lunch for the seven of us to eat.


Engulfed by warmth, I awoke to a sunlit bedroom. The intoxicating smell of freshly brewed coffee and cinnamon filled the air. Slowly, I rose out of my bed, grabbed a lilac sweater and a pair of light denim jeans, put on the lilac robe Sam gave to me, and then headed into the kitchen for breakfast. As I made my way down the hallway I couldn't help but notice that every bedroom door was closed.

Sam was drinking a mug of coffee when I entered the kitchen. In front of her was a bowl of chunks of different types of fruit and whipped cream.

"Good morning," Sam greeted me. "You in the mood for some fruit parfait?"

"Sure." Sam grabbed a bowl out of a cabinet along with a small and big spoon from the utensil drawer. She scooped up one huge helping of the fruit parfait and slid it into the bowl. Knowing that Sam can't do everything for me, I walked around the countertop and poured myself a cup of coffee. I sweetened my cup of coffee with some sugar and a stirred in a little bit of milk. Sam handed me the bowl of fruit parfait as I walked back around the granite top and sat down to eat breakfast.

Sam watched as I devoured it with a surprised smile. When I was finished, I washed my bowl and spoon, wiped them dry and put them away. When I sat back down, Sam sat down next to me and asked, "So you want to do anything today?"

As soon as she asked me this Joseph popped into my mind. I haven't spoken to him for over a week. I hadn't thought about him once... I should call him and see if he'd like to go out. I'd really like to catch up with him and learn more about who him like how he was turned and how old he is.

"Not really... Sam, can I use the phone?"

"Sure." Without questioning me, Sam picked up the house phone from its stand on the kitchen counter and handed it to me. Getting up from my seat, I walked down the hallway to my room in search for the business card Joseph had given me with his cell and house number. I quickly dialed his cell number and waited as the phone rang. I hope he picks up. I thought to myself.

"Hello?" A familiar voice asked over the phone. The voice belonged to Joseph.

"Hi. It's me, Ella." I tried greeting him as friendly as possible.

"Oh, hi. How are you doing, Ella? Are Javin and his family treating you well?"

"Very. Everything has been great... How are you?"

"I'm good," For a few seconds Joseph didn't speak. "You there?"

"Yeah... I was wondering if you'd like to go out tonight. If you can't, I understand."

"Tonight's good for me. What time should I pick you up?"

"How's 8 o'clock sound?"


I told Joseph the house address, then we exchanged goodbyes and hung up. Sam was now leaning against the doorway to my room, her eyes glistening with a curious smile cast across her face.

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