I've never had a dream and flashback mix before so when this happened I was both freaked out and scared. I didn't know if I my mind was playing games with me or not until Samantha verified my suspicions.


On the ground in front of me was a red kickball. Kicking it, I watched the ball fly across the air, traveling about a hundred feet forward. After falling and rolling to a stop, I ran towards the ball unaware of my surroundings.

Picking up the kickball, I held it close to me as I turned around and started running back towards the house. Half way there I noticed something move behind a tree.

"Hello?" I called out, taking a few steps closer. Slowly walking out from behind the tree, a big wolf eyed me down with the most terrifying teeth I'd ever seen. Long and sharp, the wolf bared it's teeth at me feriously as it growled lowly.

Taking seven steps back, I watched the wolf as he walked after me slowly. Not taking my eyes off of it, I watched the wolf's intently, waiting for the right moment to run. Holding the ball loosely in my hands, I looked quickly down at it and got an idea.

Throwing the kickball at the wolf, it him in the face and shook it's head furiously. This was my chance to run for safety. Running towards my house, I dashed around trees as fast as I could. Somehow, the wolf managed to follow me and wasn't very far behind.

"Help! Help! Please, somebody help me!" I screamed, forcing myself to run faster. My voice echoed throughout the forest. Hopefully, someone heard me. Hopefully.

From behind, I heard a loud snarl. Looking behind me, I saw the wolf fly across the air and land besides a tree. Growling, the wolf looked across at something, someone, standing besides a maple tree. Coming to a quick stop, I watched as the hidden figure took a few steps forward. The wolf quickly pushed itself up and took a few steps toward the mystery person.

"Turn around." A husky voice ordered me. I could hear a bit of an accent accompany the voice but couldn't tell if they what they were. The person was definetly male. The mysterious figure began to slowly walk in a wide circle as the wolf did the same.

"Turn around!" The mystery man repeated loudly. Turning around, I crouched down, looked down at the ground and covered my ears. I could hear the wolf growling and barking at the man, fighting with him. The barking continued for a few seconds before it died down. Before I uncovered my ears, I heard a loud whimper and a deep thud noise.

Standing up, I uncovered my ears and turned around to find the wolf besides a tree, not moving. The man just stood in his spot, stared at it and waited for a few seconds before looking at me.

Walking to the wolf's side, I sat down and prayed for it. I could feel the man's eyes on me as I prayed. When I was done, I patted the wolf's head before standing up. Looking at the man, I said, "Thank you."

That's when I realized who the man was. It was Joesph.


"Ella!" I heard Sam's voice loudly say. Opening my eyes, I found Samantha sitting next to me on my bed. Pushing myself up, I massaged my head. God, I was burning up!

"What?" I asked groggily. Stretching my arms, I listened as Samantha asked me a questions.

"Are you all right? You were like having a seizure in your sleep. Did you see something, dream of anything unusual?"

"I had a dream that Joesph saved me from a wolf."

"Are you sure that was a dream?" She asked, feeling my forehead. "You're burning up. You need to cool down and fast. John!" She screamed, grabbing my hand.

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