Leaving for Love

As I opened my eyes from my long slumber, I looked around my bedroom to see no sunlight. If today were like any other day, I'd probably be asleep till 11:30 pm. But today, I leave to find love. True love.

As I laid in bed silently waiting for my body to come to its senses by getting up, I listened to the noises of the morning; the wind blowing against the sides of this house, the leaves falling onto the ground from high above and wild animals fighting over "breakfast" 300 yards away. Oh how I will miss these wonderful noises, I said to myself as a tremble of sadness rushed through me.

Then, I thankfully remembered that I forgot to pack one of my favorite toys: my iPod. Without my iPod, I'll be so bored, even though I prefer playing and composing music for Piano solos. Well, I am a prodigy when it comes music but I don't think I can bring a piano with me...

Anyways, I do remember one memory that occurred when I was 9 of me playing a solo performance on my piano. It was quite heart-warming when I played that piece. I called it "My Hope is Love"... Every time I think of that day, I get a fast feel of power through me, a sense of greatness that I could sort of compare to as cockiness. Yes, even a girl like I can be a little stuck up.

Just a little. Enough to make me feel proud of my 'gifts' but not a lot to be officially characterized as arrogant or cocky. Then, I'd of probably would have married that vampire, James. He was cocky, perverted, a mastermind of "disguise"... Not the type of fiancé I prefer.

Well, I quickly felt the urge to get out of my queen-sized bed and get my iPod, put it into my back-pack, and get ready to leave. So, I quickly and quietly jumped out bed and walked over to my mahogany closet. I remember placing it(iPod) behind my dark plum-colored purse this past Tuesday. So, I looked behind my purse and there it was, fully charged and protectively covered along with my pair of ear plugs.

To my surprise, my wall charger was missing. I quickly looked through my entire room; in my dresser or closet and under my bed. It was gone... I had a feeling that it didn't disappear by itself. Someone took it purposely... my mother!

I ignored the fact that my the charger was missing and my mother, positively certain that she took it( if I bet my you 100 dollars, I'd win), and grabbed a teal blue tank top with gray stewardess pants from inside my closet's top draw. I slipped on a pair of black leather "high tail" boots after I put on my clothes and grabbed my maroon red plaid pattern scarf from my closet. The last things I grabbed before I went inside to question my mother was my black winter coat along with my stuffed hiking back-pack.

Thank God I don't have to carry that bag on my back, I said obnoxiously in my head, since it has wheels on the bottom to roll. If it didn't, I probably wouldn't be able to walk with all that weight on me!  

Anyways, as soon as I grabbed my stuff to leave, I looked around the room and took in a long breath of air. I will never forget this room...  

I made my way to the living room where I predicated that my parents were waiting for me. My parents were both dressed in elegant attire, my mother wearing a long, olive green dress that was a v-neck, which exposed most of her chest but was covered by a black opal pendant necklace, and was wearing pale black stilettos. My father in a nice, white cotton ruffle shirt with ankle length suit pants. 

When it comes to appearance, my parents get an A+ from me. Besides, like my mother says, "We may be old but who said we can't be fashionable?" 

"Ella, before you go, me and your father have something to give to you..." my mother softly announced with a pleasant smile across her thin, pale face. What could it be? I asked myself surprised that they'd give me a gift the day I leave. 

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