More Than A Chat

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More Than A Chat

When I woke up from my peaceful sleep with Javin, I noticed that he had woken up before me but waited for me to wake up to move... After that, Javin suggested going to a local diner to eat breakfast. Since I'm open to new experiences, I agreed. When we arrived at the diner, it was tranquil and pretty vacant. Then I realized why Javin liked this diner so much. It was the place where he could eat without being disturbed by noise or chaos. The only noise, I'm guessing, Javin doesn't seem to mind is the sound of my voice. I guess I soothe him. 


I felt the warmth of Javin's body underneath me as I slowly awakened from my peaceful slumber. Unlike most nights, I didn't dream of anything like I usually do. I just slept. I saw nothing but pure darkness float around in my petite mind. It was as though my body was too tired to dream. Reality had finally caught up to me. The drama of my situation, finding my true love, was making me weaker every passing second.

The sun's ray glimmered through the forest's trees, hitting against me like a bat slams a baseball out of the park. I could feel the wet dirt of the forest floor wriggling through my feet as my left hand felt Javin's defined torso. His body, like always, was burning up. There was nothing that could possibly cool him down other then hold him... I always imagined what I would feel like if I was completely human but I never really wondered what it would feel like to be a werewolf. I suppose being a werewolf or a human has its perks. If I was a werewolf, I wouldn't have to wear heavy clothing in the winter. If I was a human, I wouldn't sweat or heat up like crazy in the sunlight (halfbloods can take the heat unlike vampires who avoid the sunlight as much as possible in order to avoid being burned). 


The morning's chilly breeze quickly picked up, sending a chill down my back. Finally, I opened my eyes and looked around. The fire Javin had lit up last night no longer had sparking flames but was dark and I could smell the scent of burnt wood in the air; just faint enough that even a human can smell it. Gently I sat up without disturbing Javin. He seemed to be sleeping.

As I looked around to see if anything looked different, I heard a noise come from around me.

"Good morning. I never thought you would wake up that quickly." Javin said flashing a tiny smile.

Blushing, I looked at his caramel-colored face and smiled. "Oh, good morning Javin. You didn't have to wait for me to wake up in order to get up from under me. When I'm asleep, not even the loudest noise can wake me up... I sleep like a bear in hibernation."

"Then I better not disturb that sleeping bear. Bears, when woken up during hibernation season, end up pissed off. I'm not going to even try to piss you off." Javin jokingly pointed out.

"I don't think that's possible. You're too nice to piss me off." I softly said as I looked into his eyes. All he did was stare back into mine but I felt something in him change but I didn't know what. For a minute I stood in silence as Javin walked into the mist of the forest. I knew he wouldn't leave me alone for long so I just stayed put, standing in the same spot silently until he came back. Like I knew, Javin came back except he was carrying my bags which I didn't expect. Curiously I waited for what he would say since I didn't have any clue what to talk about.

"Ella, I was wondering if you were hungry enough to eat breakfast." He said as he walked up to me and stared into my eyes closer then we should have. Him being that close to me, unusually enough, didn't startle me at all. In fact, the warmth radiating from his body covered me comfortably. I almost felt human for a second.

"I'm starving, actually. I'd love to eat breakfast." I smiled politely as I grabbed my bags from Javin. Grinning, Javin grabbed my left hand gently and turned me around. "I think you'll really like this diner."

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