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The Perfect Start To A Packed Day

After a night packed with drama, fun, and mixed emotions, Javin and I finally got the chance to have a good night's sleep. Warm and toasty, I was able to fall asleep without freezing.

When I woke up from my slumber, I discovered that Javin was not by my side but that Samantha was sitting on the corner of my bed. Quickly, we worked out a plan to go shopping in town and cook up dinner by five. Slowly, I remembered that Javin had told me that tonight he and his family would run as a pack. I would be there to experience that as well. Also, I'd get the chance to race a werewolf. 


Sunshine glistened through my bedroom window, lighting up my room. Light trickles of sweat trailed down the parts of my body that were exposed to the sunlight. Feeling a little uneasy, I managed to push myself up and pull my legs away from the sunlight.

I could tell that Javin was no longer sleeping beside me because I didn't feel warm anymore. I didn't even bother to look around the room until I was able to open my eyes all the way. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Samantha, smiling, sitting on the edge of my bed. She was wearing a lilac purple t-shirt, faded capris, and gladiator-style sandals. Her hair was tied up in a loose, layered bun.

"Good morning, Ella." Samantha greeted me.

"Good morning, Sam... Do you know what time it is?" I asked, standing up to stretch.

"A quarter to noon."

"So Javin's patrolling?"

"Yep. He left about... I don't know, 10 minutes or so ago. As he was heading out he asked me if I could take you shopping. I told him no problem."

Struck dumb, I then remembered that right before I fell asleep; I asked Javin if he'd take me shopping. He told me he had to patrol and that he'd ask Samantha if she could take me shopping.

"Oh, thank you." I said, smiling genuinely.

"For what?"

"For agreeing to take me out to shop."

"No problem. But after we're done shopping we need to stop by the market for groceries. I just need to get a few things for dinner."

"I'm guessing we're going to have an early dinner?" I asked as I choose the clothes I'd wear: a thin, sleeved v-neck shirt (white) and hemmed denim jeans.

"Yes. Javin told you that we're going on a midnight run, right?"

"Yes, he did. He sort of invited me to..."

"Well, see, usually we don't allow anyone, and I mean ANYONE, to run with us. We don't even allow friends to run with us unless they happen to meet us out on the run."

"Why?" Shocked and a little confused, I asked Samantha.

"When shifters change into their animal form they quickly become uncontrollable and ... sexual."

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