The Brother I Never Expected

When I woke up from my unbelievably relaxing nap, the smell of grilled fish filled the air luring me into the kitchen. Behind the countertop of the kitchen stood a tall, muscular, oddly light colored werewolf that had the most gorgeous lavender-colored eyes I've ever seen. Not only was he beautiful but he smelled  like a steak. As I took in his incredible features, which included muscular arms, gorgeous face, and god-like structure, I introduced myself to him. To my complete surprise, he knew exactly what I was which sort of puzzled me at first. When we started to talk more, I learned that he was Derek, Javin's brother. Who knew Javin could have a brother that was more gorgeous then him? 


As I awakened from my relaxing nap, I felt the sun brush against my feet as I forced my body to wake up. Squinting, I looked around the room to see if anything looked different from before I had fallen asleep. Nothing had changed (visually) but something sparked an alarm to go off in my mind.

Quickly, I leaned up and took another look around the room. Again, I noticed nothing different. Everything was in order and perfectly fine. From where I was sitting, I could hear faint chirps coming from outside in the forest. Animals of all shapes and forms were playing in the forest, doing whatever they did to ensure their survival.

Then, as I sniffed the air, I realized what put my mind on red alert.

A fishy smell lingered in the air. Continuing to investigate, I sniffed the air a couple of more times and remembered what the smell was. The smell of grilled salmon and trout filled the air of my room. Within a second, I was literally intoxicated by the meaty aroma of the fish and decided to follow the scent to where the source of the fish was coming from.

With my mouth watering, I quickly rose from the bed and walked on over to my bedroom door. Opening it just a crack, I looked out to see if anyone was in the hallway. When I noticed no one was there, I opened the door slowly and walked out, closing the bedroom door behind me.

Gracefully I managed to walk down the hallway not making a single sound. Everyone's doors were shut except for Javin's who seemed to be sleeping on a soft blue couch big enough to lay two of me down to rest.

When I made it to the end of the hallway, I stepped a foot towards the living room when I saw someone standing behind the kitchen counter. At first, I couldn't see what the person looked like until it turned to open the refrigerator. "It" turned out to be a he and he looked amazing.

Gawking, I observed his body with as much patience as I possibly could before I felt like running back down the hallway, running into my room, and hiding underneath the thin cotton covers of my bed, thinking that what I saw could only been seen in a dream. When I finally felt that me gawking at a complete stranger in awe was awkward, I stopped observing his body and looked to see what he was doing.

In his hands held a baking sheet or tray with four fish laying on top of it, crusty and perfectly cooked. That was where the smell of the fish was coming from, I pointed out to myself as I realized that the stunning teenage boy could only be one person: Derek. I knew this was him because Samantha told me, before I took my nap, that he went out fishing.

I never at all expected him to look this gorgeous... He's the brother I never expected. 


Derek is very well built with muscles rippling everywhere. He stands at around, estimating, 6' 0". He was wearing a light muddy green cotton shirt, baggy jeans, and was shoe-less. On top of his shirt Derek wore a white, stained apron that hugged the curves of his body. Derek has these stunning lavender-colored eyes, short spiked hazelnut colored hair, soft looking tan lips, and a curved, soft tipped nose. Unlike his brothers, I observed that Derek's skin tone is a few shades lighter then Javin's, who out the four brothers, has the darkest skin of the pack.  

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