A Night of Answers

After walking in the woods for some while with Javin, I had the urge to sit and rest. I could tell that even Javin felt a little exhausted from walking through the night; his eyes, however, showed no weakness, no exhaustion, from all the walking. As we both rested, side by side, warming ourselves with the little heat given off by the puny bonfire Javin had made, we began to forget about walking and started to learn more about each other. I could trust him and he could trust me. 


For a little over an hour Javin and I walked through the dark woods. The night was cold and the wind was light against me. I could hear the breathing of sleeping creatures in the distance. The sounds of the day had disappeared. The night had finally awakened.

Stars twinkled and danced above us as we walked slowly through the maze of the deep woods. I had never before in my lifetime been so captivated and mesmerized by the ways of nature; not even the animals I had grown up living amongst were as curiously amazing as these. What also amazed me was the silence of the night.

I have grown up living in a forest that, during the night and day, are filled with the howls and calls of mother nature, the color and smell of decomposing leaves and remains of dead animals. But that's why I loved my home so much. It was my adventure-land, my playground, it was everything to me. That's why it was so hard for me to leave it behind. 


Javin stopped beside me and looked at me. I didn't exactly know why he was observing me when we could have been walking so, of course, I asked him why we stopped. He grinned at me and continued looking around. I repeated my question.

"Javin, why are we stopping?"

He looked at me again and flashed a light smile.

"We're stopping because you look exhausted and it's late... So I'll make a fire for us to cradle by to keep us warm while we rest, okay?"

I nodded yes and replied okay as I grabbed my bags from him and placed them against a tree. In no time at all, Javin sparked up a small fire for us to stay warm with. When he was finished he grabbed my bags and began walking.

"Where are you going with my stuff?" I asked curiously as I rushed to his side.

He continued walking until he reached a tree and stopped.

"You may want to take a few steps back... It's for your safety." Saying this in a serious, concerned voice, I stepped a few steps away from him and watched what he did with my bags.

Javin walked back a few steps and then ran towards the tree. When he was about to crash into it (thank goodness he didn't), he jumped and grabbed a branch. He then pulled himself up and placed my belongings on top of the branch. With a quick jump, he landed back on the ground, unharmed.

I had never seen anyone do that before... his quickness, his focus, his balance. I'd never seen any man or women climb up a tree so gracefully before in my life. It was as though Javin wasn't the beast his kind are looked upon as but a gentle swan that peacefully glides across lively ponds.

"Care to explain why you placed my bags on top of a tree branch?" I asked as politely as I possibly could with showing my anger to him.

"So your belongings won't be destroyed by any wild animals like bears. That's why." He answered smartly as he grinned. Looking back at my stuff up above in the trees, I realized that he possibly was smarter than me. I never thought bears would go through my stuff if I left my bags on the ground. 


I made my way back to the fire, where Javin humbly looked into the flames even though I felt like he was watching me secretly. I then sat down on the ground, across from Javin. The heat from the fire quickly warmed me up... It felt more like Javin's body heat was warming me up, not the fire. We were that close to each other...

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