Meeting The Family

When I finally met Javin's brothers and sister, I was completely shocked by how comfortable they were with me being a halfblood. On the other hand, Javin's brothers, in my mind, seemed to be to open to the thought that I'm a potential mate. This was also pointed out by Samantha who luckily said she'd protect me from them if anything happens. Anyways, when I finally spoke with Samantha, Javin's extraordinarily beautiful, physic, and spiritualistic sister, I was surprised by how eager she was to question me about the weaknesses of vampires, since one is believed to be draining innocent, young children at this unusual time of year.  


Before we entered Javin's home, he warned me with a sort of cagey look upon his face.

"Be quiet for a second." He said, alerted and stiff. A look of tension wiped across his face as he listened for sound coming from inside his home. I too felt the urge to listen to what was going on inside, as well.

At first, I heard the sound of rushing water coming from a toilet bowl about a twenty or twenty-five yards from where Javin and I intently but non-intentionally eavesdropped. Then, I heard a deep voiced yawn stretch for about a second or so until the person who yawned rose from where they were resting and walked to a room about fifteen yards away from us (Javin and I).

"Okay now let's go in." Javin said softly as he grabbed hold of the handle of front door gently and turned. When he opened the door all the way, I observed two buff boys or men who looked at me and Javin with curious expressions across their mighty tan faces. One of the boys was sitting on a tan, torn up leather couch that sat across from a bulky 1990's style television that was mounted on top of a wooden cabinet. In between the couch and television stood a wooden rectangular table about 2 feet from the ground, 5 feet lengthwise, and 3 feet width-wise with nothing but a television remote positioned neatly by the corner of the table. The other boy wrapped in a beige bath towel with his chest fully showing: muscles rippling and abs with drops of water running down every part of his body that was visible to me.

As I quickly observed the rest of the house, I felt the eyes of the two boys looking directly at me with tensed faces and cautiously positioned their bodies so that they could prepare themselves for the worst. I could hear them sniffing the air for my uncommon scent which sort of startled them. "So sweet..." said the gorgeous boy in the bath towel as he sniffed the air for my scent. Astonished by this odd compliment, I smiled and replied, "Why thank you..."

From behind me (Javin hadn't entered his home before me... how rude of me to barge in like this) Javin calmly spoke to me as he closed the door and walked to my side, facing the two boys. From the looks of it, they looked related. As eventually pointed out they were related. "Ella, these two are my brothers Alec and John. While I put your bags in the guest room and make your bed, you can socialize with them. Just be careful what you say. They're both very dramatic." Then he walked towards a door down a hallway to the right of me with my two bags in each of his hands.

Both Alec and John walked towards me with wide grins across their amazingly beautiful faces.

"Why hello, Ella." Said the boy wrapped in the bath towel. "I'm Alec. It's very nice to meet you." He then stuck out his hand to shake with mine. When I finally grabbed hold of his, he lifted my hand gently up and kissed. My initial reaction was to blush which I successfully managed to do without getting carried away.  


Alec had muscles rippling everywhere, especially down his arms and stood around 5' 11". His torso is very sculpted but not as defined or shaded as Javin's. He has these beautiful green and gray eyes that could take away anyone's breath. By the way he smiled, he lit up the room with liveliness; he had an ultra fine smile that showed me he is a very happy and likable person. His hair, unlike Javin's, was shaggy with soft waves but straight which went well with his overall look.

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