You think life would be easy but it's so complicated.

I've tried to understand why certain things happen, like why I'm attracted to him. The only reason I've come up with is that he cares about me and I could tell... A lot of people care about me but they don't love me. They figure if they give a crap I'll give a crap. I don't.

He's the only one who hasn't intentionally used me. Even my own brothers and Ella have gotten away with abusing my abilities.

He talks to me and understands. It’s like he knows what I feel. I feel whole with him. He makes me... Complete.

I feel, like, he's the one for me. I know that he's not my mate. I pray every night that he was so then I wouldn't have to think about all the rules I'm breaking, how I'm going against my kind. If only they understood.

There will always be room in my heart for him. I can never forget what we've been through, say that I never cared. I do... More than I do for Hunter. Hunter's mine and I'm his by birth. We're not ready to commit yet, though. We'll never be ready.

I want to live my life, venture the world, establish a career for myself. My heart, though, is telling me to choose between the two before things get out of hand. 

My choice is already made.

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