The Day I Flee

I've been awake all night... Haven't had a second of sleep.

I've been feeling really scared lately.

Whenever I look into the twenty foot mirror that lays against the wall, I notice every detail about me that has matured over the years: my pale face, my slim yet curvy waist and my chest. Oh how I dread my body for I dread this legacy of lust I live.

I was born with the same mark my mother, grandmother and the rest of my female ancestors have. It is in the shape of a wolf eye, pupil and all. It symbolizes and marks that I carry the curse of the halfblood, a brutal curse which seeks revenge. It does this by killing the family of it's victim if they do not mate by the age of 18.

This curse is passed on through the blood of it's first victim (who lived hundreds of years ago). The victim must find love with a vampire or werewolf (NEVER a human) before the age of 18. To do this, their lover must drink the victim's blood or it will be to late to save the victim along with her family's previous generations (mother, grandmother, etc.). The blood gives the lover/mate the ability to stay strong and youthful; the gift of eternal life.

This curse, however, is a gift; it is about love. But I don't care; love is meaningless to me. Soon, I will have to find love or die. Which is better? ... I don't really know. I guess once I find it I'll have an answer to that question.

My mother always told me that I could marry anyone I choose; anyone I "love", anyone I want to spend the rest of my life with. But, oddly, I don't feel like I have any choice at all, any say in whom my heart will desire... For I am guarded. Gaurded by the light of evil, misery, and pain gifted to me from this horrid curse.

My mother doesn't allow me to go out of the forest at all. All my life I've lived in the center of a hundrend and fifty acre forest. I know this since I've been taught the basic subjects of math, geography, science, etc. As I was saying, I have never been allowed to leave this forest except till this past Monday evening.

This is why I am scared. This is why I fear for my life: because I must find love outside the forest. I have always wanted to explore the world, but I fear that I will not find him. Even if I do, what if he doesn't drink my blood?

Many vampires wish to taste my blood. How I hate them all... Well, not all. I am part vampire so if I hated all of them that would mean that I hate myself. Back to what I was saying; at first, I thought they were all like me; calm, gentle, quiet, and respectful. That all changed when I met James.

He was "bad-ass". I know, coming from a girl that's never really been around people, that's a big lie to tell. See, he acted very politely in front of my parents. He saught my parents approval to marry me. I was only 14 at the time and had no intention of even kissing him. He wasn't my type at all, though we had very similiar taste (We both like classical music and art). When my parents weren't around, he used to look at me, examine me, and in his mind, he probably tried to picture me naked, defenseless, and weak. Probably. I don't know for sure...

My parents disproved of him because he came into my room and watched me while I slept. My father banned him from my house and forest, never to step foot near here again or he'd kill him.

I could finally breathe again once he was gone. The thought of a vampire being obsessed with a girl like me made me shiver even though I'm coldblooded. It still does.

I will eventually have to leave the forest to find him without my parents... I need to stay strong. I can't let this curse bring me down. I will fight for my life even if it means having to risk everything; my family, the future and myself. That is why I shall leave soon.

The sooner I leave, the faster I find love. Uncertain, risky love. Love that is not worth this curse.

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