Chapter 13

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Two days after the fiasco with the werewolves, Sofia finds herself sitting at the Grill, alone at a table. She stares at her phone with a frown on her face. She hadn't seen Elijah since the previous day before he left for a dinner party at the boarding house. When he'd never returned, she's sent him text messages asking him if he's okay, and voice mails due to his unanswered phone calls. She's in the middle of sending him another text message when someone sits down opposite her. She glances up and is surprised to see who's there.

"Hello Jonas, Luka," she says, pleasantly. Luka returns her smile, but Jonas just looks at her, gravely. "Can I help you?"

"Stefan Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett just told us some news that we think you'd be interested in knowing," Jonas says, and Sofia puts her phone in her jacket pocket.

"What's that?" she asks, and the two warlocks look at each other.

"Elijah's... Dead," Jonas says, and Sofia's eyes widen. She shakes her head rapidly.

"No.... He can't be. There's no way," Sofia says, her hands slowly curling into fists.

"Damon Salvatore somehow got his hands on a dagger and a vial of white oak ash... They daggered him," Luka tells her, and her eyes fill with tears.

"Where is he?" Sofia demands, blinking the tears away.

"We don't know. We're going to find out tonight," Jonas says, and Sofia nods.

"Well.... If you two will excuse me.... Damon and I need to have a little chat," Sofia says, her facial expression going blank, but her eyes holding all the hurt and anger that she's feeling. She rises from the table and exits the restaurant, blurring away the second that she's outside, and in seconds, she arrives at the boarding house. She storms to the door and pushes it open roughly, letting it slam against the wall. She turns to the living room and sees Stefan, Damon, and Katherine standing there, looking at her with surprised eyes. Her eyes zero in on Katherine, and her calm expression breaks, morphing into one of anger and deep sadness. "So it's true?" she whispers, looking at the Salvatore brothers.

"Sofia," Stefan starts, calmly approaching her. She shakes her head and backs up quickly.

"Where did you put his body?" she growls, narrowing her eyes at Damon. "How did you get the dagger?"

"Sofia, you have to listen to me," Stefan says.

"No! I want answers, now!" she shouts. "Tell me what happened!"

"Sofia, there's things you have to know about what Elijah was planning," Stefan says, but she ignores him.

"Tell me where you put his body," she says, storming over to Damon.

"So you can take the dagger out and he can have Elena killed? I don't think so," Damon says, standing from where he was sitting on the couch. This makes Sofia pause her steps, looking at him frowning. "Oh, what? Upset that we found out your little plan?"

"Elijah was never going to kill Elena. He was just going to use her to lure Klaus here so that he could kill him," Sofia says, exasperated. "I've told you that before."

"If that's what you really think, then he's obviously been keeping things from you," Damon says, glaring at her.

"You're lying," she says, backing away from him, shaking her head.

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