Chapter 14

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The day after being indirectly kidnapped by Klaus, Sofia finds herself snooping around Alaric's apartment.

"Ugh, where does he keep his booze?" Sofia asks herself out loud.

"I think we could both use that," Katherine calls out from her spot in the chair, and Sofia nods in agreement. The two women decided to at least be civil to each other, being the only decent company that each other have. She opens up random cabinets before letting out a noise of triumph when finding the liquor cabinet. Sofia takes out a glass, and pours a bit of whiskey inside. She takes a drink of the alcohol and hums contently. She's broken out of this state when Katherine clears her throat.

"Right," she says, grabbing the bottle and walking over to the vampire bound to the chair. "Now, seeing as you're tied to a chair, how on earth are we going to do this?" Sofia asks, smirking sarcastically.

"Don't be a smart ass, and just help me out," Katherine says, glaring at her, making Sofia chuckle. She presses the opening of the bottle to Katherine's lips and tilts it a bit, letting Katherine take a swig of the alcohol before taking the bottle away. She looks sharply towards the bedroom when she hears Alaric/Klaus moving around, and blurs back to the kitchenette and hides the bottle of whiskey. She knows that it's childish but she feels a small sense of satisfaction knowing that he probably won't find the bottle of alcohol. An idea springs to mind and she goes back to the liquor cabinet, and hides the rest of the alcohol in various other hiding places around the apartment. She hears Katherine chuckling, amused at her actions.

"Oh! Who is this guy, Safari Sam?" Alaric/Klaus asks, going through the clothes in Alaric's closet. Sofia rolls her eyes. He comes out of the closet, holding up two shirts. "Ok, bad," he starts, holding a black shirt up to himself, "or badder," he finishes, holding up a lighter shirt. Sofia rinses out her glass, ignoring the man. "Sofia?" he asks, raising his eyebrows, expecting an answer. She quickly turns her head towards him, giving him a venomous glare, which makes him chuckle slightly. "Katerina?" he asks.

"The dark colors suit you better," she says, reluctantly.

"Oh, thank you, honey. Ok, pop quiz. The dagger and white ash are in the Salvatore's possession, correct?" he asks, looking at Sofia. Sofia narrows her eyes at him. He raises an eyebrow, and she huffs, annoyed.

"Yes," she bites out.

"Used for?" he asks, and she grits her teeth, angrily. "The more you cooperate, the sooner you get out of here, sweetheart."

"They used it to dagger Elijah," she growls, sitting down on the couch. "He's in the basement of their home."

"Ok, that dagger needs to stay exactly where it is. The last thing I need to do is resurrect Elijah. Ohh, that guy is a buzzkill," Alaric/Klaus says, and Sofia rolls her eyes at him.

"Don't forget you're on the outs with your girlfriend Jenna," Katherine reminds him from her chair.

"Right. Elena's aunt. For all the lies about Isobel. What else?" he asks, looking at the two girls.

"That's it," Katherine says, looking at her lap. Alaric/Klaus raises an eyebrow and looks at Sofia, who nods in agreement. Alaric/Klaus steps in front of Katherine, and touches her face gently, making her flinch away.

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