Chapter 1

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A/N: Hello, Vampire Diaries fans! I've been super obsessed with this show lately, and decided that there was no way that I couldn't write a story about it! It's way too amazing. This is obviously the fist TVD fiction I've ever written, but I've spent a lot of time prepping this, and getting everything ready for it to be posted, so I hope this isn't going to be a horrible story. Read and review please!

Disclaimer: I, of course, don't own the Vampire Diaries. Never have, never will. I'm just playing around with the story!

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It was around 9:00 in the morning in Mystic Falls, Virginia when a woman shows up at the front door of the Salvatore boarding house. She raises her hand to knock on the door, but waits and listens, as she can hear people talking inside.

"What about our mystery vampire? Dimwit obviously wasn't working alone, so whoever is out there knows who we are," she hears a familiar male voice say.

"And I don't like that disadvantage, so... chop, chop. You know, I really like this whole ménage-threesome team thing. It's got a bit of a kink to it," she hears another male voice say. She decides that she's waited long enough and abruptly knocks on the door.

Damon chuckles and leaves the bedroom.

"Don't screw it up!" he calls, and flashes to the door. He opens the door curiously, seeing as hardly anyone knocks on the door of the old boarding house. They usually just come in. He was exceptionally pleased at the sight on the other side of the door. It's a seemingly young woman, that couldn't be more than nineteen or twenty years of age. She wears a pair of white skinny jeans, with a gray shirt, topped off with a cropped leather jacket. On her feet, she wears a pair of black heeled boots. Her chestnut brown hair hangs to just beneath her ribs in a braid that's placed over her right shoulder.

The thing about her that catches Damon's attention though, was her eyes. They were both exceptionally bright, but her left eye is a bright green, while the right is an almost cat-like amber color.

"Well, hello there," Damon says, with a small smirk etched on his face.

"Hello. Are you Damon Salvatore?" the mystery girl asks innocently. Damon can make out a small twinge of an Italian accent in her voice as she speaks.

"Yes I am. Who are you?" he replies.

"You don't know who I am?" she asks, a small smirk playing at her lips.

"No. Should I?" he asks, and her smirk widens.

"Perfect," she says, and without warning, grabs Damon by the neck, and throws him down the hallway. Before Damon has any time to recover, the door is shut and he's hauled to his feet by the smaller girl. Damon growls and tosses the girl off of him and into the living room. Damon rushes to the girl and picks her up, slamming her into a nearby wall.

"Who the hell are you?" he growls, his face inches from hers. She responds by grabbing the wrist of the hand that is wrapped around her neck, easily pries it off, and quickly twists it. She hears the satisfying crack, and groan of pain and she kicks him in the stomach, sending him across the room. She easily walks over to a chair and lifts it, flipping it upside down, and breaks one of the legs off, the broken end being left in a point. She flashes to Damon and grabs him by the neck, slamming him into the nearest wall, and aims the makeshift stake at his heart.

"You killed someone I cared greatly for," she snarls to him.

"I've killed a lot of people, sweetheart. You're going to have to be a little more specific," he gasps out as her grip on his neck tightens.

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