Chapter 12

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It's in the early morning when Caroline Forbes leaves her house. She walks outside, turns to the door and locks it, and turns back around. She jumps, startled when she sees Tyler there, looking at her, his face blank.

"Hey. How's it going?" she asks, with a light smile on her face.

"We need to talk," Tyler says, stonily.

"Yeah, we do," Caroline says, nodding. "Listen... I've been thinking about it and I don't want to over analyze. It was just one kiss but Matt's still kind of in the picture. We can't go there, Tyler."

"Fine," Tyler says, simply. Caroline nods in relief.

"Great. That's settled," Caroline says, smiling and walking past him to her car.

"What happened to my Uncle Mason?" Tyler asks, making Caroline stop in her tracks.

"What?" she asks, becoming slightly wary of him.

"He's dead and I want you to tell me what happened," Tyler says, his anger becoming apparent.

"I... I don't," Caroline stutters, shaking her head slightly.

"Then let me tell you: Stefan, his brother Damon, and your friend Sofia killed him because Stefan, Damon, and Sofia are vampires, just like you," Tyler says, glaring at Caroline.

"Who told you that?" Caroline asks, frowning.

"Is it true?" Tyler asks, narrowing his eyes at her.

"Let me explain," Caroline starts, pleading him with her eyes.

"Did you know he was dead this whole time?" he asks, moving closer to her.

"Please," Caroline says, her voice becoming desperate.

"Did you know?!" Tyler nearly shouts, and Caroline hesitantly nods. Tyler growls a bit and pushes her against her car, pinning her there by her arms.

"I'm sorry, Tyler. I'm sorry!" Caroline cries.

"I trusted you!" he shouts, his eyes turning from dark brown to a burning amber color. He glares harshly at her, and opens his mouth to say more, but before another word can be spoken, he's ripped away from Caroline who gasps when she's released. She looks forward and sees Tyler being held by Sofia, one hand gripping the back of his jacket, and the other hand wrapped tightly around his neck, with her fangs barred.

"Sofia stop! Please, don't hurt him!" Caroline cries, and Sofia glances at her.

Sofia is well aware that Tyler is a werewolf, and after seeing what happened with Rose the previous night, she let her anger take over when she saw the new wolf with Caroline pinned against her car. She wasn't going to let anything like that happen to Caroline. She slowly lets her face return to normal and reluctantly releases Tyler, narrowing her eyes at him when he's free of her grasp.

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