Chapter 19

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"Get the faculty toilet seats, and Dana needs bodies in the gym. Let's go," Tyler says to a group of boys, and they all take off complete a prank, and the very much alive Elena laughs and pushes open one of the double doors that leads to a new hallway, and she gasps when she runs into Klaus.

"There's my girl," Klaus says with a false smile.

"Klaus," Elena gasps, her eyes wide. She turns to run, but immediately stops when Klaus blurs in front of her.

"You are supposed to be dead," Klaus snaps. "What are we going to do about that? You put a rather large kink in my plans, sweetheart. The whole point of breaking the curse and becoming a hybrid was to make more hybrids. I haven't been able to do that. Now my bet is, it has something to do with the fact that you're still breathing."

"If you're going to kill me, just do it," Elena says as Klaus leads her down a hallway by her arm.

"Not until I know I'm right. But I do have ways of making you suffer," Klaus says as they approach the gym, and Elena's steps halt for a split second when she sees Sofia standing outside the gym doors.

"Well, look, who's still alive," Sofia says, emotionlessly, looking at Elena with a raised eyebrow. She tears her gaze from Elena and looks at Klaus. "The gym is packed with students."

"Well, we're just gonna have to take care of that," Klaus says, smiling at her. "Thank you, love," he says, and pushes Elena into her. Sofia quickly catches the teenager, and grips her arm with less force than Klaus used. Klaus pushes the door open, and Sofia gently leads Elena into the gym behind Klaus. "Attention, seniors. You have officially been busted. Prank night is over. Head on home," Klaus says, in an American accent. A lot of the teenagers groan and begin to leave. "You two. I remember you," Klaus says, in his normal voice, stopping two of the teenagers.

"I'm sorry. Who are you?" the girl asks.

"Oh, don't worry, I wasn't in my right head last time we met. Lift your foot up, please, Dana," Klaus compels the girl, and she lifts one of her feet. "If she drops her foot, Chad, I want you to beat her to death. Understood?" Klaus compels the boy, who nods.

"Don't, Klaus. You don't have to hurt anybody," Elena says, frowning, and struggling against Sofia's hold.

"Oh, come on, love. Of course I do," Klaus says, grinning.

"Please, Sofia stop him," Elena pleads, looking at the vampire, making Sofia chuckle a bit.

"If it's one thing I've learned over the centuries of knowing Klaus, it's that there's no stopping him when he really wants something. It's best to just go along with it," Sofia says.

"Very well put, sweetheart," Klaus says, chuckling at Sofia. "Now, how about you do me a little favor and see how Rebekah's doing in her search for the werewolf."

"Fine," Sofia sighs, and releases the grip on Elena's arm.

"Delightful, isn't she?" Sofia hears Klaus say as she exits the gym, and she rolls her eyes. She makes her way through several hallways before she hears Rebekah's accented voice, and she blurs in her direction. Sofia grits her teeth slightly when she sees Rebekah holding Caroline by the neck. "Rebekah, I see you've met Caroline," Sofia says, fighting to keep her anger at bay.

"This is Caroline?" Rebekah sneers, looking in Sofia's direction. Sofia merely tilts her head to the side slightly. "Well, that's unfortunate," Rebekah says, looking back at Caroline. "You're lucky that you have her on your side," she says, and breaks Caroline's neck, and lets her drop to the floor.

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