Chapter 16

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"Rudy!" a woman shouts, calling for her missing dog. She puts her index finger and thumb to her lips and whistles. "Rudy. Come on! It's too hot to make me come looking for you," the woman calls and picks up a dog toy. She rises to her full height and jumps when a man appears in front of her.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to scare you," Klaus says, switching his natural British accent for an American accent.

"Can I help you?" the woman asks, blinking a few times.

"Yeah, my car hmm, my car ran out of gas a couple of miles back. Eh I feel like I've been walking forever yours is the first house I come to so I was just hoping I could use your phone?" Klaus says, smiling a bit.

"Don't you have a cell phone?" the woman asks, frowning.

"Huh, yeah," Klaus starts, holding up his cell phone, "battery died. Look I promise I'm not a serial killer I just wanna use your phone."

"Sure," the woman sighs, and turns to go inside the house.

"So, I can come in?" Klaus asks, moving forward.

"No, I'll get the phone and I'll bring it out to you," the woman responds, immediately.

"I thought you country folks were supposed to be more trusting," Klaus says, dropping the American accent, and the pleasant expression from his face.

"I'm from Florida," the woman, sneers.

"Well, that explains it," Klaus says, flashing forward and grabbing the girl by the neck, looking into her eyes. "Now show me a little southern hospitality. Sweet pea," he compels the girl. The woman has tears leaking down her face as she invites Klaus into her home.

"I bet you a hundred dollars that dog ran off to a house with air conditioning," another woman says when Klaus and the first woman enter the house. Klaus brings the woman into the kitchen and they see the other woman facing the sink. She turns around and sees Klaus with her friend, and frowns. "What's going on?"

"Please don't be alarmed. I was told Ray Sutton lives here," Klaus says, smiling at the woman.

"He's almost never here. He's on the road mostly," the second woman says, shaking her head.

"But I expect he makes it home, once a month," Klaus starts, and grins when the women stay silent. "That's what I thought. Where is he now?" Klaus asks, and again gets no answer. "If I have to make you tell me it's going to be infinitely more painful for you," Klaus says, moving towards the second woman. The woman's eyes widen, and she runs away from Klaus while screaming. The woman opens the front door and screams again when she sees Stefan standing outside the door.

"I love it when they run," Klaus says, smiling at Stefan.

"He's in Tulley. It's near the border. A bar called Southern Comfort, It's on Highway 41," the second woman finally answers, glancing between the two men, frightened.

"Thank you my love," Klaus says, feigning kindness. He then looks to the first woman and strokes her hair gently. "Now, may my friend come in?" he asks her, and she lets out a scared sob.

"Yes," she cries, and Stefan slowly walks into the house.

"Kill this one quickly," Klaus says, pushing the first woman to Stefan. "And make that one suffer," Klaus says, looking at the second woman. "I'll be in the car," he says, smiling, and leaving the house. He smiles when he hears the girls screaming and walks to the car, seeing Sofia crouched down by the car, petting a young looking German Shepherd/ Rottweiler mix. "So, that's where their precious companion went."

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