Chapter 3

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-Flashback. London: 1681-

329 year old Sofia sits in the parlor of her home in London, reading a book when a frantic knock sounds at her door. She frowns when she sees Alexia standing on her doorstep, her eyes red and puffy, and tearstains on her rosy cheeks.

"Alexia? What ever is the matter, dear?" Sofia asks.

"My father.... Sofia, he's dead," Alexia chokes out before she begins sobbing.

"Oh, love," Sofia mutters, pulling the blonde human into the house, and into her arms.

"I just don't understand. The doctor assured me that he was getting better," she sobs out.

"Shhh, I know, love," Sofia soothes, rubbing circles on the mourning girl's back. She leads her to the couch, and continues to hold the crying girl in her arms. Eventually, Alexia calms, and pulls away from Sofia.

"Now I have no one," Alexia whispers.

"No. Don't you dare think that way. You have me, Alexia. I'll always be your friend," Sofia says sternly. Alexia nods, and yawns, causing Sofia to smile softly at her. "Come now, you need rest."

Alexia nods, and allows Sofia to show her to the spare bedroom.

"Would you turn me?" Alexia asks, as Sofia goes to leave the room. Sofia stiffens, shocked by her friend's question. "Make me like you, I mean."

"Alexia... You're grieving. You don't know what you're asking," Sofia says, facing Alexia, a deep frown marring her face.

"Yes I do. You've told me much of vampires... You once told me that I'm the best friend you've ever had. I have nothing holding me back since my father... Will you turn me?" Alexia pleads.

"Being a vampire isn't glamorous. It has its low points, too," Sofia tries.

"I don't care," Alexia says, determined.

"Alexia, you would care. In the beginning... You're so drawn to blood, you're driven by it. In the beginning, you have no control. You may kill people. Innocent people. And you'll have to live with that for an eternity," Sofia says, trying to rid the horrid decision from her friend's head.

"I know, Sofia just.... Please?" she asks, tears filling her lovely brown eyes. Sofia sighs.

"Ask me again in a month," Sofia says.

"But-," Alexia starts.

"No. This is a big decision. I won't even consider it until you have had a sufficient amount of time to properly think it over. Mourn the loss of your father. Be sure that his unfortunate death isn't the only factor behind your decision. In a month, if you still wish for me to turn you... Then I will," Sofia says, placing a hand on Alexia's shoulder, softly lies her back on the bed, and places the thick blanket over her.

"Do you promise?"

Sofia hesitates before answering.

"Yes, I promise."

-Present Day-

Sofia walks into the Mystic Grill after a failed search attempt for Elena.

"Bourbon," she says to the bartender with a sigh.

"Can I see some ID?" he asks, and she looks into the man's eyes, feeling her pupils dilate.

"You don't need to," she says, lowly.

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