Chapter 9

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"Well, well, don't you clean up nice," Damon compliments Sofia when she arrives to the party. Sofia wears a one shouldered black dress with a glittered bodice. The skirt is short in the front and gradually gets longer in the back. With the dress she wears a black glittery mask, studded black heels, and matching jewelry.

"You look beautiful Sofia," Stefan says with a smile, taking her hand and spinning her around once. Sofia chuckles and looks over the two brothers.

"Well, thank you. You both look great, as well," Sofia says with a smile.

About twenty minutes into the party, Sofia finds herself standing with Damon a few feet away from the dance floor, watching Stefan dance with Katherine.

"Hmm. I have a better plan. You go fetch it and I will try not to kill anyone in the meantime," Katherine says, smirking at Stefan.

"My way or you don't get it," Stefan says, seriously. Sofia frowns and stiffens when a girl walks up to the pair.

"Hey Stefan, I can't find Matt. Oh my god Elena! You look so pretty. I love that dress. You look gorge," the girl gushes to Katherine, mistaking her for Elena.

"Thank you. I love your necklace," Katherine smiles.

"Oh, thanks," the girl says, smiling.

"Oh it's twisted. Here, let me, here we go," Katherine says, stepping behind the girl. Sofia's eyes widen when Katherine breaks the girl's spine. "Paralyzed from the waist down and dead," Katherine smirks, pushing the girl's body into Stefan. "The moonstone, Stefan. Tick tock."

Damon and Sofia share a glance as Katherine walks away.

"Shit," Sofia mutters, and Damon nods. Stefan locks eyes with the pair, and Sofia walks over to him. "Come on. She got drunk and we're taking her home if anyone asks," she says, and Stefan nods in understanding. Sofia reaches up and shuts her eyes, and Stefan lifts the body into his arms. Sofia goes with Stefan to Damon's car and they put the body in the trunk.

"I put the body in the trunk for now," Stefan says when they find Damon.

"We'll dump her when we get back," Damon says, brushing it off.

"This is exactly what I didn't want, Damon," Stefan says.

"It's Katherine. There's no way we could avoid any casualties," Sofia says.

"Right Stefan, it's collateral damage," Damon agrees.

"Right, which is why we need to call it off," Stefan says.

"What? Who's hesitating now?" Damon asks, glaring at Stefan.

"No Stefan, we're here, we're ready, and we need to get this over with. She's ruining your life. You really think that giving her what she wants will make her stop? No, it won't," Sofia says, lightly.

"Tonight it ends. We can do it together. I got your back. Alright?" Damon asks.

"Alright," Stefan agrees.

"Now, I'm going to go find Caroline," Sofia says.

"I'll let you know when we have her," Damon says, and Sofia nods, leaving the room. Sofia slowly makes her way through the crowd of people searching for Caroline. Unfortunately, minutes pass without finding Caroline, and Sofia receives a text, telling her that the brothers have Katherine. She abandons the search for Caroline, and heads to the appointed room. On the way, she passes Caroline who gives her an excited smile, pleased that she did her job well. Sofia smiles back and makes her way to the room.

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