Chapter 18

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"There has to be more to this dress," Rebekah calls loudly from the dressing room in the store that the three vampires and the hybrid all found their selves in. Once the four of them entered the store, Klaus compelled the entire staff to let Rebekah and Sofia have whatever they want, free of charge.

"There's not," Klaus says, and Rebekah comes out of the dressing room. Sofia looks up from the clothes rack she's looking through, and tilts her head slightly at the short black dress that Rebekah wears.

"So women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes, then. You know, I got dirty looks for wearing trousers," Rebekah says, and looks over at Sofia who shrugs.

"You wore trousers so women today could wear nothing," Klaus says.

"And what is this music? It sounds like a cable car accident," Rebekah says, frowning.

"It's dance music," Stefan says.

"People dance to this?" Rebekah asks, disbelievingly.

"They sure do," Sofia says, picking a shirt up off of the clothes rack and looking at Rebekah.

"Are we done?" Klaus asks, and Sofia rolls her eyes at him.

"And why are you so grumpy?" Rebekah asks, voicing the question on everyone's mind.

"I needed one thing from you for my witch to find out why my hybrids are dying, one thing. Your necklace. And you lost it," Klaus says, and Rebekah rolls her eyes.

"I didn't lose it. It's just been missing for 90 years," Rebekah says.

"And it's not like she could help it. You did keep her daggered in a coffin for almost a century. Like Kol," Sofia points out and Klaus rolls his eyes at her.

"Thank you for reminding us, love," Klaus says, smirking sarcastically at her.

"Oh, anytime," Sofia says, sending him a sarcastic smile.

"So, what do you think?" Rebekah asks Stefan, gesturing to the dress.

"I like it," Stefan says, unconvincingly, and Sofia clicks her tongue at him. He looks over at her sharply, looking confused when he sees the expressions on hers and Rebekah's faces. "What? I said I like it."

"I can always tell when you're lying, Stefan," Rebekah says, and walks back into the fitting room. Sofia and Klaus both give Stefan a look, and Stefan seems genuinely confused.

"Nice one, good work," Klaus says, and Sofia picks up a pair of shorts to match the top she picked out and walks to the fitting room that Rebekah went into.

"It's just me," she says, pulling back the curtain a bit, and sees Rebekah standing there in the bra and panties set that Sofia helped her pick out. Sofia hands Rebekah the top and shorts. "Try these on. I think this will look great."

"Hmm... I'll try it," Rebekah says, looking the outfit over.

"You're the one that pulled the dagger out of her," the girls hear Stefan say.

"I heard that," Rebekah snaps, and Sofia pulls the curtain shut, and goes back to hunting for clothes.

"All right. I'm going to get some fresh air," Stefan says, glancing at Sofia, who watches him walk past her.

"Oh, I love this," Sofia says, pulling a silver glittery shirt off of one of the clothes rack. "Excuse me; do you have shoes to match this?" Sofia asks one of the compelled women that work in the store.

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