Chapter 20

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The morning after the scene at the high school, Sofia is awoken in her bed by someone shaking her. She groans loudly, and cracks one of her eyes open and sees the smirking face of Rebekah looking down at her from where she's perched on the side of her bed.

"I see Trenton let you in," Sofia mumbles tiredly.

"Yes. I thought you said that you didn't have a boyfriend," Rebekah says, raising a blonde eyebrow.

"I don't. Trenton's not my boyfriend," Sofia says, slowly sitting up. "He'd much rather be with a man, than a woman," she says, and Rebekah nods slowly in understanding.

"Well get up. You said that you would take me shopping today," Rebekah says, and Sofia looks at her cell phone.

"It's seven in the morning," she says, frowning at Rebekah. "There's no stores open right now."

"Yes there is," Rebekah says. "I've already taken care of that. Now get up, and get dressed. We don't have a lot of time, because I'm going to school today," Rebekah says, and Sofia reluctantly rises from her bed, and goes into her closet, grumbling under her breath the entire way. Sofia quickly changes out of her pajamas and into her day clothes, and when she comes out, she sees Rebekah going through her underwear drawer.

"See anything you like?" Sofia asks, smirking.

"I see lots of black and red," Rebekah says, holding up a black and red lacey bra. "They've always been your color, but you should add a little variety," she says, and Sofia chuckles and opens the drawer underneath the one that Rebekah looks through, revealing more colorful lingerie. "A girl can never have enough, I suppose," Rebekah mutters, and Sofia laughs.

"That's what I always say, kind of like shoes," Sofia says, nodding to her closet, which Rebekah immediately enters. After around ten minutes of Rebekah looking through Sofia's things while Sofia finishes getting ready, the two girls find themselves in Sofia's silver Bentley, going to the clothing store that Rebekah directs her to. Once inside the store that is about a mile out of Mystic Falls, Sofia sees two compelled workers there, that greet them immediately. The two female vampires spend about an hour shopping, and leave the store, each of them with four bags on each of their arms.

"I'm going to be staying with the Salvatore's, so you can drop me off there," Rebekah says.

"No problem. I want to see the emotionless Stefan anyway," Sofia says, and heads in the direction of the Salvatore boarding house. When they arrive, Rebekah takes her portion of the bags, and follows Sofia into the house.

"Well, well, look who came back," Damon says when he sees Sofia.

"Hello to you, too, Damon," Sofia says, and walks past him.

"Who the hell are you?" Damon asks, upon seeing Rebekah, but Rebekah merely walks past him, following Sofia. Sofia sees Stefan sitting on a couch with a couple of girls playing Twister in front of him.

"You look like you're having fun," Sofia says, raising an eyebrow at Stefan. Stefan looks up at her and smirks.

"Well, hello, Sofia. You can join them if you want," he says, pointing to the girls, and Sofia smirks.

"As much as I'd absolutely love that, I unfortunately don't have the time," Sofia says, her voice dripping with sarcasm, and Stefan merely shrugs.

"He left me here. My brother actually left me here," Rebekah says, looking at Stefan.

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