Chapter 4

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-Flashback. London: 1681-

"It's been a month, today," Alexia says, sitting next to Sofia on the couch in Sofia's home. Alexia had been living with Sofia since her father passed away. She simply couldn't stand to be alone in the house she shared with her father.

Sofia glances up from her book and sighs. "So it has. And I'm assuming that your decision hasn't changed?"

"It hasn't," Alexia says, fierce determination set in her eyes.

"Well.... We did make an agreement. And I'll honor that agreement. Just answer this one question first. Why do you want this so much?" Sofia asks, and Alexia looks thoughtful.

"I... I want to be able to live long enough to accomplish everything I've ever wanted to. I want to see everything the world has to offer," she says, wistfully.

"Alexia, you know what becoming a vampire entails. You'll never be able to bear children. You'll never get to be a mother," Sofia says, softly, placing a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"I'm alright with that," Alexia says after a moment of silence. "I want this, Sofia. I want this more than anything I've ever wanted in my life," Alexia says, and Sofia can see the truth in her eyes, but still hesitates. "You promised," Alexia says, seeing Sofia's hesitation. Sofia sighs.

"I suppose there's absolutely no way that I can talk you out of this?" Sofia asks, and Alexia shakes her head. "As you wish, then," she says, and Alexia smiles brightly. "You remember what I told you, how one becomes a vampire?" Sofia asks.

"I ingest your blood, and then I must die," Alexia recites.

"That's right," Sofia nods. "When would you like to do this? It's completely up to you."

"Right now," Alexia says, with a sure nod.

"I should have known," Sofia says with a small smile. She sighs a bit, and pushes the sleeve of her dress up a bit. She lets her fangs extend, bites into her own wrist, and extends the bleeding wrist to Alexia. "Go on then," she says, smiling a bit when Alexia hesitates. Alexia grabs Sofia's hand, and presses her mouth to the wound.

Sofia allows Alexia to drink a sufficient amount of her blood before she pulls her wrist away. Alexia takes a deep breath, and watches as Sofia's wrist heals.

"How will you kill me?" Alexia asks, her eyes showing a bit of fear.

"Just a quick break of the neck. You'll be a bit sore when you wake up, but it won't hurt when it happens. It'll be fast," Sofia says, completely sure.

"You're sure I'll wake up?" Alexia asks.

"Positive," Sofia says, confidently. She sends her friend a reassuring smile.

"Alright," Alexia says, nodding her head.

"You'll be fine," Sofia says, and Alexia nods slowly. Sofia hesitates for a few moments, and then before Alexia can blink, she reaches out with both hands, and quickly snaps the younger girl's neck. Sofia catches her friend's body before it falls off of the couch, picks her up, and carries her to the bedroom she's been using. Sofia gently lies Alexia down on the bed, and takes a step back, sighing. She blurs out of the house, and immediately sees a woman, no older than Alexia, walking down the cobblestone street alone. She quickly rushes forward, appearing in front of the human. The woman lets out a startled shriek, and Sofia quickly covers her mouth with her hand. "Quiet. Don't be afraid. Don't speak," Sofia compels the woman.

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