Part 2: Chapter 9. The Blue Girl.

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The Fire Stone Part 2 

Chapter Nine 

The Blue Girl. 

When Amy awoke a few hours later, the bedroom looked very different. Quickly asking for the room to brighten and the balcony doors to open, Amy was surprised to see, as she climbed from the bed, how much the room had grown on Chase's side. There was another set of half moon double doors, which obediently fanned open, allowing in that warm fresh fruity scent from the village.  As she carefully made her way towards the new open doors a voice called out from behind her...

"What The Hell's been goin' on here?" Startled, she jumped and quickly turned to see...

"Chase! You're back! You frightened the life out of me! Where have you been? What have you been doing? Who were you with? Kish was back ages ago!" She said in a rush going up to him. "You look like a pirate!" Chase had tied his neckerchief like a bandanna around his head. 

"I guess that's one up from a cowboy." Taking a sharp breath Chase counted on his fingers.

"Right, I've been in The Clearing In The Forest. Practising. No one, once Kish left–an' I've got somethin' new to show ye, I think it's pretty amazin'!" he grinned broadly then frowned and pointed towards the little desk.

"What's that doin' here?" he pointed towards the little desk.  A stumpy chair had formed in front of it . "There was a similar one  back in the cellar at Weir House."

"I want to keep a diary, to write what happens to us, I told you, so I thought it would be nice to have–" 

"And when did the room change?" Chase cut in, quickly walking past her.

"I've only just realised myself. It wasn't like this when I went to sleep," said Amy following him.

"Yer brought the desk up here and... then what? The room just changed?"

"No, not really...  while I slept I suppose."

"Werid." he said running his hand over the new wall. "I've seen it like this...this room, I've seen it like this. It's goin' to close in more here," he waved an arm over the ceiling, "like an arch, to make another room. You've seen it too." he looked back at Amy. "In The Mirrors."

"Yes, in The Mirrors..." she nodded, suddenly realising. "There's going to be a..." Amy gestured to the far side of the room, near the new balcony doors.

"Yeah," nodded Chase, "a kiddies crib..." He drew in a deep breath and then gestured to the opposite wall. "And there'll be some drawin's over there... Think I do them. Guess everythin's on track then."

Amy was worrying her bottom lip. "What do you mean?" 

"This'll be the kids room one day." he said matter of factly, looking back at her. "New doors leading out onto a larger balcony..." He walked towards them. "Nice."

"If I return the bureau, do you think the room will shrink and go back to how it was?"

"Doubt it. Don't think it has anythin' to do with the bureau. I think it has somethin' to do with you needin' to write what's goin' to happening to us." 

"Then I won't write!" said Amy coming up behind him. 

"Yes you will, I'll help too... it's a good idea."

As Chase walked out onto the balcony, across the roof tops he could see a blue girl standing on her balcony too. Chase smiled. He'd seen her before when they first arrived here. The girl smiled back and waved three fingers at him. Chase quickly fisted his hands to stop himself from automatically waving back. 

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