Part 2 Chapter 19 Into The Wall

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Part 2:

Chapter 19.

Into The Wall

Chase had no time to think. Suddenly he could hear more urgent shouting. Angry voices, people screaming. Some kind of scuffle had started out in the passageway and more voices yelled, 'Kill! Kill!' Kill!

Then, over all the commotion another angry voice screeched-

"Kill the human female!!"

Chase frantically scanned the room. Who'd said this, or was it all in his head?

Someone else yelled a warning, "Get down Chase, protect Amy!"

Chase knew this was the Id. Just for a second a shimmer of something, a smoky blackness appeared at the corner of his eye then, just as fast, vanished. Pulling Amy behind him he quickly backed into the curved wall. Then another angry voice screamed out-

"Elahs du human ni-am!"

Who was their attacker? There was such a fracas from the crowd fighting to leave the room, while others were so confused they cowered in the entrance not knowing which way to turn, it was impossible to tell.

Then, in a millisecond, Chase first saw The Temple Dweller, La'Tou, his yellow eyes glazed over, lift The Martese over his head and charge towards them as though to strike them down with it! But then the thin yellow boy, now looking paler and more sicklier than ever, suddenly sprang to life. He threw his armoured breastplate at La'Tou hitting him hard on the side of his head then, grabbed The Martese from the Temple Dweller's gloved hand as he fell to the ground. There was a cry and more scuffling. At first Chase thought the boy was trying to stop La'Tou, but now he was charging towards them, holding The Martese like a spear. With his face distorted in anger, he too screamed out-

"Elahs! Elahs! Die human die!"

With both his bare hands gripping The Martese, the strange knurled globe at the top suddenly spiralled open like a five fingered star. On each tip gleamed tiny silver blades and from the centre appeared a long thin jagged knife! Then, at the same time Kish sent out a wave of fiery colour, the boy screamed as though in agony and Chase turned to cover Amy!

Another voice, this time definitely inside Chase's head, bellowed, "Don't just stand there stupid boy! Go through the bloody wall!"

Chase felt a sudden pain under his shoulder blade and then another burning through his chest making him think someone had punched him very hard. On seeing what had really happened, Amy screamed! They fell towards the wall but instead of colliding into it, they both... disappeared!


Colours were still swimming wildly around the room. Kish had grabbed the pale boy by the shoulder, where a gash from his firey attack eariler was quickly healing. Kish waved his other hand to clear the colours. The doors to the room had closed leaving only him, Prelli, Overseer Coya, Overseer Jarp, La'Tou, who was still on the floor unconscious; Marl, who was sitting up on the table, his father Bar Nark, adjusting the gown he'd placed over him.

The yellow boy fiercely shook his shoulder free from Kish's grip and was now facing the wall where Chase and Amy had disappeared, not moving, his wide eyes fixed, his mouth slightly open. Overseer Coya turned on the boy and cried out-

"What have you done you-you Ji?! What have you done?!"

"The children! They have gone!" called Kish, turning to Overseer Coya, "What have you done!?"

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