Part 2 Chapter 7 Strawberries and Chocolate

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Part Two

Chapter Seven

Strawberries and Chocolate

"You've been asleep for ages," said Amy handing Chase something to drink a few hours later. 

"What's this yer givin' me?" Chase stretched as he turned to face her. 

"It's some kind of fruit juice. It's very refreshing–and non-alcoholic. You should've told them you were tired and hungry. I knew you wouldn't! Why didn't you let Kish heal your aches and pains?" 

"Because I can do it myself! I'm fine! It was just a joke. We made a bet to see if yer really would rub that stuff into my–" 

"In your dreams! You should have told them!"

"Stop fussin'! It's only from bein' in the saddle for three days. Even I hadn't ridden for that long non-stop before." 

"A bath will do you far more good if you're stiff."  

Chase's eyes narrowed. "Yer know how I feel about baths. Anyway, Kish said if I was using my powers I wouldn't've got sore. I'm havin' a shower, so make yerself scarce." 

"I'll get you into a bath one day Chase Martin!" 

Chase grinned at this and raised his eyebrows. Amy suddenly saw a vision from The Great Hall of Mirrors and quickly turned away, blushing. Chase chuckled also remembering the same vision. Quickly thinking of something to say and hoping he hadn't noticed her blushes, Amy drew in a sharp breath before turning back to face him.

"Well, there's no need for me to go. Seeing there was no door on the bathroom hole in the wall, I made a curtain. I'm not sure how it's managing to stay there and sometimes the Shellac eats it but anyway, now you have no reason to sing while you're in there. I did try thinking about a door and then asking for one but nothing happened. It seems, doors over holes in bathroom walls do not compute." 

Chase turned to look. "Not bad. What's it made from?"  

"A cheen."  

"Glad I missed out on that. Diggin' holes in a hot desert for fat worms didn't sound too much like fun to me. This drink's nice. Got any more?" 

"Yes, plenty. Cheens may look like giant worms but I'm assured they're vegetables. I made us lots of things while you were away gallivanting around the countryside– oh and I've seen Chan-Lu-kojee!" she added excitedly, "that's The Great Clock of Time in case you didn't know! Oh Chase you have to go– it's amazing! And then there's this chute thing that's as smooth as glass and full of air that drops you down to the bottom of the gorge faster than a rocket! It's so fast, I thought I was going to die!" 

"A chute? Oh, yeah, Kish mentioned–" 

"It was amazing! It shoots you down to The Great Basin faster than anything! I'll never do it again though not even if you paid me a million pounds! Oh and I've been to The Great Store to get your mum's sewing box– and Prelli did something to the camping gas stove so it should last forever– well not forever but for as long as we're here– and there's medieval weapons– sling shots and crossbows in there and-and-and some real gunpowder in little barrels! And some modern guns– and bombs– like Easter eggs but not Easter eggs– and weird clothes– coats and things and furs oh I brought back some binoculars with night vision– why didn't you tell me you can see for miles?"

"I um–"

"Your mum and dad must have done some shopping because there was a box of groceries, tins and packet stuff– they're downstairs, but we have to save all that for the night time because it doesn't just get dark here Chase– well it does get dark but worse–  it snows. Everything freezes up! The Shellac might have to shut down because– "

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