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Part 2 Chapter 8 Through Your Eyes

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 Part Two

Chapter Eight  

Through Your Eyes 

July 1st 

It turned out, Chase loved the games. He joined in as many as he could. Flixius was his favourite and the one game Kish encouraged him to play; for you not only had to keep your balance on the light spheres while flying around the inside of an enormous caged arena; you had to hit various sized coloured balls that sometimes glowed like fire or spat metal, against the right coloured shapes, using any powers you had, while trying to avoid the other players but then, at some point in the game, choosing to pally up with a player who could help you score. That was hard. To decide in a split second whether they were really going to help you or just making out they would, in order to win themselves extra points. 

Every Ishmirbanian had some kind of power, mostly illusions. Some were chameleonic but no one appeared to be an actual shape-shifter. Everyone could heal. It didn't take Chase long to realise that his powers were very different, very special. Although he hadn't quite mastered the art of illusion yet, he could do a lot more than most of the villagers, probably even more than Kish, who kept reminding him he needed to practice and concentrate.

On many occasions, using illusion to fool Chase was the only way some of the players could beat him in a game of Flixius– by making him believe the ball he was heading for had vanished or fool him into thinking he was about to strike the wrong coloured target. It was also the only game where the Ishmirban players were not allowed to use their ability to stretch

Chase soon found out why body armour was necessary. It could be a very bloody game. He quickly learnt how to mend his own broken bones as he fell though the air, always landing safely just in time and rolling to his feet unhurt; as the other players would stop at nothing to get control of the game.

The long sticks, round at one end like baseball bats for hitting these coloured balls– or anyone in the way– flat and slightly scooped at the other for scooping the balls up and flying with them or for tripping players and knocking them from their light-spheres.  

This was another thing Chase mastered very well. Flying. He was very fast; many believed with practice, he could master the art of Skada-kap, although they never mentioned this to Chase. It was a taboo word and only whispered or said through 'thought'. Many more believed this honour of Skada-kap, could never be achieved by a human. 

This ability was ancient and very rare and could only be discovered by the very brave, the very powerful, the very curious, and by someone who had a unique Joining with their Jezzel, plus a great deal of luck. Of course if Chase only practiced his mind reading abilities, his curiosity and then understanding of what the Ishmirban people were thinking, it would no doubt lead him to discover many of his other hidden talents. This meant he spent days away, either with Kish or on his own practicing in The Clearing in The Great Forest.

Bar Nark and his son Marl always challenged anyone who would say or think the word Skada-Kap in connection with Chase. "He is a human, a human child. Do not dishonor those who have gone before with this insult!" he would call out to anyone who would listen.

"Can you name anyone on one hand who has gone before Bar Nark?" goaded Kish. "No, I think not... It was long before All Knowledge was lost. You can not deni the boy is fast." 

"I agree, but my Enson Marl could beat him easily I am sure!" 

"Strange then, how he never joins the games when Chase plays. We must arrange a game so he can play, no? Although I do not ever remember him participating in the adult games, as Chase has done." Kish smiled. "I will stand down my place if he ever wishes to play. Or should we organise an easier game, just for the children, yes? I think you would agree, there would be no point."

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