Part 2 Chapter 17 More Unanswered Questions

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Part Two  

Chapter Seventeen  

More Unanswered Questions.  

Every bone in Chase's body felt as though it had been crushed. He couldn't move. He seemed to be floating in a dark place in some kind of murky blackness. Then a sound; a desperate angry cry, slowly became louder and louder inside his head as it pushed the darkness away.  

"Chase! Chase! Chase Martin wake up! Don't you dare die on me! If you die on me I'll-I'll kill you!"  

Chase felt a sharp slap, then someone shaking him and a moment later, sudden cold wetness about his face, neck and chest and then a sweet liquid slipped past his lips. It tasted good. It felt like the warm flame of life rushing through his body, quickly reaching every nerve ending. Bright light suddenly filled his head as he was pulled back from the dark place and opened his eyes. 

"You-you!" scolded Amy angrily, "I thought you were dead! You were all broken up and bloody! I didn't know what to do!"  

"What-what happened?"  Chase sat up holding his head, expecting pain, but there was done.

"You fell, don't you remember? You fell! I looked over the edge–" she pointed a shaking finger towards the jagged edge of the cliff, "and you were gone!" 

"You  climbed down there and brought me up?" 

"Oh no no! It-it was the keppet, he-he suddenly turned in the sky and dived after you right into that yellow mist! I couldn't see him or you and-and then somehow he came shooting back up again and you were across his back– he must have caught you somehow and then flew way up into the sky again. He went so high! Then-then swooped down and sort of tipped you off. I thought you were dead! I didn't know what to do!"  

"He caught me? The stallion caught me? I was on him? I don't remember any of that."  

"Yes, yes! I remembered Kish packed some Aquilla in the saddlebags so climbed– mostly fell down the cliff. I tried to ride your light sphere's but– " she shook her head and hand, "I fell off so rode my keppet back to the camp to get it– then came back here. I was sure you were dead!" she sobbed. Her dusty face was streaked with tear tracks.

"You rode without a saddle and just a bit of rope around her neck? Amy that was brave of you."  

"Don't smirk at me!"

"I'm not–"

"You shouldn't have done that! You shouldn't have climbed on him like that. He's a wild animal! You could've died!"

"You told me to!"

"What would I do without you! What would happen to me with you gone?!" she thumped him hard across his forearm, which would have hurt if Chase had still been bruised and cut. "What would I do here on this planet alone if you were dead! ?"  

"Aw it would've bin okay," said Chase lazily, getting to his feet, "Kish has a plan B, and probably a plan C. He'll probably team you up with your cool dancin' friend and yer'd both go get this Fire Stone... Why am I wet?"  

"I threw water over you. Chase Martin I could slap you so hard!"  

"Yer just did!" said Chase rubbing his arm.

"You were broken and bloody and I thought you were dead!"  she sobbed even louder.

"Think I get the picture! I'm okay now, see... all healed... What happened to your PJ's, they're torn and really....dirty."  

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