Part 2: Chapter 5: The Power

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Part Two: 

Chapter Five 

The Power 

Kish walked over to his keppet, opened one of the saddlebags and brought out four light spheres and gave Chase two. Chase had seen the body armour wearing creatures the day before, holding them. One had even tried to attach a sphere to his foot. 

Kish dropped his two light spheres in front of him. They didn't fall to the ground but floated just inches above it. He then carefully stepped onto them. In the next second Kish quickly rose into the air and was hovering about a metre or so above Chase. This looked like fun. Suddenly Chase couldn't wait. He quickly threw his two spheres to the ground and tried to stand on them. 

At first he wobbled off sideways. It was a lot harder to balance on them than he thought and then at last when he managed to rise into the air he found himself suddenly swinging upside beneath the spheres! It took a great deal of concentration but after a while Chase mastered it. While he soared about in the air swerving in and out of the trees and the tangle of roots, Kish made him move the stones again, with just the power of his mind. At the same time Kish threw larger stones at the boy, which he dodged or knocked out of the way, with just thought or a wave of his hand. 

A few did hit hard and knocked Chase off balance and a couple of times he found himself crashing to the ground. Immediately Kish would touch him and any pain or discomfort disappeared. Kish told Chase he would have to learn to do this for himself, quickly and without thinking, as though it was as natural as sleeping, walking or breathing. No more would he have a bruised eye, a cut lip or a scabby knee. Instantly he should heal himself. His power would become an invisible shield protecting him at all times.  

"You have done this before Chase. You have fallen great heights in your short life and have obtained no injuries, yes? It is no good being able to make things happen if you fall to the ground and break your neck. You must learn to instantly repair yourself! Do this without a second thought every time and learn to block the minds of others around you, so they do not see what you have done. Remember this. Before you feel, heal."  

"Before I feel, heal?" Chase nodded. "Okay!"  

Chase had some distant memories of when he was a lot younger. In a vision he'd had when he was about six, he'd seen himself flying. At six he knew this wasn't possible but the feeling was so real and so strong he had to try. Jessica Honey had been with him. They both climbed onto the outhouse roof at his grandmothers and jumped off. Chase had fallen heavily but only sustained slight bruising. He felt no pain but Jessie was screaming out in agony.

Without even thinking Chase put both hands on her leg. A white snapped bone poked through the deep red rip in her jeans but in seconds it was healed. Chase had no idea he could have blocked her mind to what she was seeing, so made her promise not to tell. Jesse kept her promise.  

"I promise Chasey, cross my heart and hope to die, poke a needle in my eye..."  

After another hour, Kish told Chase to remove the spheres; there was nothing more he could teach him about flying. "I think it is time now to turn the stones to fire."  

"I can move them easily, but to change them into fire, I can't do that!" 

"Yes you can Chase. But first, illusion is very powerful. You have Voodoo in your world? This can be very powerful. Some believe is magic that can kill, no?"  

"Voodoo? I d'know. I don't wanna kill any one."  

"No, but you can. You are quite capable of it."  

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