Part 2 Chapter 15 The Sprit And The Alethians

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Part Two  

Chapter Fifteen 

The Spirit And The Alethians  

Amy insisted on eating before they left the canyon, so it was well over four hours later, after circling the edge of the desert, they came across a shady glen, where an overhanging rock formation covered in thick vegetation protected a series of deep cool pools.

"We'll set up camp here," called Chase. "We could do a bit of practicing later, what d'yer think?"

"I think it's too hot. The clearing in the forest is so much cooler. Anyway... what are we going to practice?"

"I don't know yet, moves and stuff, like they do in films. Have some kind of plan, a routine we could play out."

They quickly set up camp. Then Chase set off for a swim in one of the cool pools, while Amy decided to explore, but it wasn't long before she found something in a cave and came running back, eager to share it with him.  

"Chase! Chase! Are you decent?"  

"No. Never. What's up?"  

Amy sat on a rock with her back to him. "I've found some shells that shine in the dark!" she called excitedly. Chase appeared in his boxer shorts, shaking water from his hair like a dog.  

"Ow! Be careful! I'm soaked now!"  

"Yer should've come for a swim, it was great!"  

As Amy turned to face him, a strange feeling deep inside her made her wished she had. She remembered the ride on Applejack and Momek and that secret hidden lake where they'd swam in the forest back home. Then the memory of the kiss on the cheek Chase had given her while they sat on the grassy bank in the sun. It all seemed so long ago now...  

"Ground-control to Amy, come in Amy..." grinned Chase tapping her head.  

"What? Oh! I-I would have thought you'd been in enough freezing cold water for one day."  

"It wasn't freezin' it was just right. I wanted to make sure I'd gotten rid of whatever made us itch when we were with The Mapmaker but I reckon he just planted that into our minds."  

"Why would he do that? It felt real to me."  

Chase shrugged, "D'know, but he wanted us out of our wet clothing for some reason."  

"He said to stop us getting Pneumonia."  

"Doubt that. Some other reason... Ah, it was just a feelin' I had. Somethin' was on his mind or he's probably a perv."  

"Ooh don't say that! He saved our lives! At least our clothes came back nice and clean."  

"Yeah." Chase frowned in thought for a few seconds. "Wonder how he did that? He lives in a cave, it's the Shellacs that do all the cleanin'." 

"Maybe he has a Shellac hidden in the cave somewhere. He would have to wouldn't he? So he and his Jezzle, can go to this Great Absorption thing when they die."  

"I guess," said Chase still pondering, "I wonder where she was then, his wife? He said he was alone... so?" Chase shrugged, "Maybe there was someone else there but why keep them a secret?" he sighed impatiently. Another bit of this damned puzzle that doesn't fit, he thought. "Okay, what have you found?"  

"Oh yes! These! Aren't they pretty!" said Amy showing him a handful of what looked like walnut sized silvery pink shells. Chase poked them gingerly with a finger then shrugged again.  

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