Part 2: Chapter3: The Great Clock of Time

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Part Two: Chapter Three 

The Great Clock of Time.

Well over two hours later, Amy still hadn't seen the whole village. People kept wanting to stop and talk to her, as well as touch her, show her things or give her gifts. Prelli explained the people were very excited by her and Chase's arrival and that was one of the reasons why so many had travelled from other villages to join the hunt and play in the games.

Amy tried her hardest to smile and look interested but she was beginning to feel very tired. It had been a long day. Glancing at her watch she noticed it was Wednesday 13th June, eleven thirty. Way past her bedtime on a school night. She, unlike Chase hadn't drifted off to sleep straight away, she'd stayed awake thinking. And the sky was as blue as ever and the two suns shone high overhead. Did it ever get dark or cool down?  

At last, Prelli took Amy to see 'Chan-Lu-kojee.' The Great Clock of Time.' This was situated deep under The Great Auditorium, under where The Great Council had sat and watched Chase and Amy turning on the dais. It felt wonderfully cool in the dip of the valley.

Prelli described to Amy how the The Great Auditorium retreated underground without trace when not in use but when they arrived, many people were putting little flowers and tiny gemstones at the feet of the minute figurines.  

"Our visitors are paying tribute to lost loved ones," explained Prelli.

"Chase told me that these little statutes represent all the people who were killed by The Terrins."

"Yes Amy. Is always sad to remember but we must never forget. Come Amy. The Great Clock of Time is this way."

In her mind, Amy imagined this, 'Great Clock of Time' as some kind of huge clock with colourful cogs and springs, or maybe it looked like a giant hour-glass filled with sparkling gems or coloured sand or even sweets. But what she saw was so beyond description and belief and made such an impression on her, she was still shaking hours later. It was immeasurable; a breathtaking replica of an incredible universe inside the planet itself!

Amy was standing on some kind of floating observation platform, like an island peninsula, balancing and stretching out over a huge endless chasm, an abyss, a crater, a vast expanse. She looked out over the wafer-thin edge with wind rushing past her face stealing her breath away. An array of entities and energies, which were as equally nonexistent and invisible as they were solid and real, appeared to be flying in every direction– but at the same time, motionless. 

There was just too much to see and at the same time, nothing to see at all. It was as endless and full of wonder, as it was empty and desperately bare. Amy believed some people might see heaven and brightness and love and compassion, while others would see hell and drudgery, endless emptiness, helplessness and despair.

She was sure if she stood on the very edge of the platform, where it was so thin it became transparent and spread out her arms and let herself go, she would keep falling forever. Its size was so monstrous, epic, never ending. She couldn't take it all in. While, all the time, something tremendously strong was equally pushing her away and pulling her towards it, like a moth to a flame. 

Then Amy saw it and her heart stopped. Somehow suspended deep inside all this splendour and commotion a gigantic ball of fire suddenly appeared below her. It slowly climbed to face her as though it knew she had been looking for it. How close it was she couldn't tell. It could have been just a few metres or thousands of miles away. It was a shimmering wall of cool fire; so immense and so powerful Amy felt she was nothing. She was suddenly smaller than dust, as useless as a single grain of sand, tinier than the dots of light darkness is made up of.  

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