Part 2: Chapter 2: It's All In The Game

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Part Two: Chapter Two 

It's All In The Game 

Amy watched the last of the sand settle as the hunt disappeared into the distance and suddenly wished she was going too. What if something happened to Chase? What if he fell and broke his neck? Then a little voice inside her wondered if he could break his neck? Would his powers prevent this from happening to him? Would he automatically heal? Could he die? Was he immortal? What did that mean? Amy was woken from her day dream by Prelli calling to her.

"Come Amy! We have fun! There is no worry. Chase will be good."

Edging one side of The Park, behind the banners and the strange highly decorationed newly erected shelters, put up by the many visitors, was a  wall of smooth white rocks, carved into peculiar shapes by water. Hidden amongst these were dozens and dozens of various sized whirlpools, all bubbling over with crystal clear water, although the sunlight made them appear to be of many different colours, giving off a kind of rainbow effect. These were known as the Tublix. Only they weren't pools at all, but chutes of water. Prelli explained the slides gushed downwards emptying out into enormous underground water filled caverns far below the village. 

Behind her and someway off, was the tall white needle, which spiralled high up into the sky, its tip disappearing into the blue. Above the white rocks Amy noticed a strange arched wall, like a viaduct. Where the Needle seemed new and modern, this carved stone pathway appeared to be accient and in need of some repair. It ended here at the white rocks and reached high up to the cliff and joined it this side of The Sleepers Chamber. She wondered what it was like inside The Sleepers Chamber and how Chase's family were sleeping as he hadn't told her. He'd been so upset by what he'd seen, she didn't like to ask.

Prelli smiled knowing Amy was about to ask questions about this pathway and also about The Sleepers Chamber. Prelli thought it would be better for Chase to talk to her about The Chamber and as for the pathway? It was something that had always been there and she didn't really know its purpose, so before Amy could ask her Prelli said,

"Soon you will learn all you need to know, but now is the time to pick a pool and jump in." 

"Jump in? B-But I'm wearing Chase's jeans and shirt, I mean, I haven't got my swimming costume!" 

Again Prelli smiled, then shrugged, the word swimming costume not being something she understood.  

"Later I will help you make something more suitable to wear for this pleasure. Then show you our village– but first– we have fun! Your clothing, it likes water, no?"

Amy had no time to answer. Without any warning Prelli pushed her in! It was a deep chute filled with bubbling water. Amy spun round and round screaming! Then the water pulled her down and she somersaulted over and over, up again and down and round and then fell and tumbled and turned and twisted for what felt like forever, until, just as she thought she would burst, the tunnel ended in a hugh brightly lit cavern deep underground, where she was literally flung head first into clear crystal blue water! 

"Good fun, no?" said Prelli, who landed just after her. "More fun, yes?" 

Amy was frantically treading water and could only muster  the weakest, "Agh!"

During the 'day', Amy learnt this was what the Ishmirban people did with most of their time; have fun and played games. They loved games; any kind of games. They seemed to be constantly making them up. They also loved stories and hoped Amy would tell them a story later. She agreed but soon realised that 'later' could be months away. Amy smiled sweetly, feeling very confused by everything.

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