Part 2: Chapter 11: The D'Hannivire Blue Healing Stone

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Part 2  

Chapter Eleven  

The D'Hannivire Blue Healing Stone.  


But it was nearly a week later when Amy finally plucked up courage and rode her keppet for the first time and nearly a month when they were finally allowed to go out into The Great Forest alone. Sometimes even Prelli would join them, so Kish could stay longer.

September 1st

On this first day of September, Kish woke Chase and Amy as he rushed into their darkened bedroom shouting urgently at the top of his voice, "Lights! Lights! Lights!" 

The Shellac could actually be heard groaning as the darkness faded away and unseen doors and windows suddenly swirled open automatically.  

"Whatzup" growled Chase as he pulled the sheets over his head to dull the sudden brightness. "There must be a way we can stop yer from bargin' in here!" he yelled.

"Of course! Just tell your Shellac not to let me in and it won't! Now, you must–"  

"What! Yer mean that's all we've ever had to do?"  

"Yes! Now, listen! Listen! You have to–"  

"Wait a minute, you mean we just have to say the word and it won't let you in? Ever!?" 

"This is right! But now you have to go! Come! Come!"  

"Go? Go where?" asked a sleepy Amy pulling the pillow over her head.  

"A long The Beach, through The Great Forest, past the edge of The Great Desert..." sang Kish, waving his arms in the direction of the Purple Topped Mountains, "to caves in The Great Canyon!"  

"Why?" snapped Chase. Kish had interrupted a really good dream.  

"Word has come back that The Mapmaker has returned."  

"Who?" asked a yawning Amy.  

"Where from?" said Chase.  

"No one knows. He is very mysterious."  

"What does it have to do with us? Who is he?"  Amy stretched lazily. "Why do we have to go?"  

"You will need a map for your journey."  

"What journey?" they both chorused.  

"When you go back to your world to find The Fire Stone. You will need a map."  

"A map? Aw, but that's years away yet!" Chase rolled over and came face to face with the toy panda and threw it at Kish. "Go away Kish we're tired! Yer had us up half our night playin' your version of polo. Humans need sleep– go away!"  

Kish caught the panda and threw it back. "Is good game, no? But, not sleep time now. Wake time now! You must understand! The Mapmaker is not very often in! If truth be told he is never in– some say he has the ability to vaporise!"  

"Bloody wish I could." mumbled Chase. "Yeah– just like the things yer use for polo sticks! Did I get any sleep last night?"  

"You have to go now ! Please! Hurry!"  

"He vaporises?" Amy squinted as she pulled the little panda under the sheets with her, picking at her last unsuccessful attempts to sew the red ribbon around his neck.  

"I thought you said The Great Eye will show us where The Fire Stone is." Chase propped himself up on his elbows. 

"Yes, The Great Eye will help." Kish hesitated. It was one of those moments when he wasn't sure if he should tell Chase he didn't really know if The Great Eye could help them." You must choose to visit soon.... but-but..." So instead he  grinned showing his slightly lilac teeth.

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