Part 2 Chapter 10. Watching The Sleepers

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Part 2 

Chapter 10 

Watching The Sleepers.

Chase decided not to go gallivanting off into The Great Forest for a while and to spend more time with Amy and learn more about the Village. He soon developed a routine of visiting The Sleepers Chamber to see his family first thing in the 'morning' and last thing at 'night'.

He and Amy had both decided to keep to Earth time. It gave some sense to the never ending day. So later that 'evening' after reading what Chase had written in the diary, Amy went in search of him, as his visit had lasted a lot longer than usual.

Amy had only ever ventured inside The Sleepers Chamber once before, when Prelli had accompanied her. The strange noises made by the many hundreds of sleeping people and the weird misty grey-blue light overhead, gave her an eerie feeling.  As the door swished closed behind her the room slowly filled with a soft orange glow.

She followed the beam of soft light and found Chase sitting on the floor next to the large clear globule containing his sleeping family. He was bare footed, but had changed into his jeans and shirt. As she came closer he wiped his face with his neckerchief, nodded and then became very still. Amy didn't say anything, just sat quietly next to him resting her head on his shoulder as the room once more, dimmed.

The eerie grey-blue misty light reappeared again high over head. She'd learnt sometimes when he came back from these visits, silence and a hug was the best comfort. A good ten minutes passed before Chase finally said in a hushed voice,  

"I miss them so much Amy. Here's me growin' up and they're stayin' the same."  

Amy nodded. "I can't remember what mine look like any more."  

"Yer dad's got brown hair and dimples and yer mum looks a lot like you."  

"I wonder where they are and what they're doing?"  

"Same as us, wonderin' where we are and what we're doin', I guess."  

"Do you think your uncle sold your ponies?"  

Chase shook his head, "Nah. I don't think he ever intended sellin' them– it was just one of those idol threats grown-ups come up with when they can't think of anythin' else to say."  

Chase slowly let out a deep restless sign. "Kish said we could visit The Great Eye if we want to, before they close it down to save power. We'll be able to see them all; Jibben, yer mum and dad. He said it'll show us everythin' that's happened to them since we left."  

"I wonder what it's like. The Great Eye. What could it be? I'm not sure I want to go in there– not after The Great Hall of Mirrors... or the Orb," added Amy quietly. "That's were that orb came from, isn't it, The Great Eye?"

Chase nodded. "Yeah.... Nah, nor me. We'll think on it. Kish said there's plenty of time to decide... at least a day, probably two. Course he means a year or two. What day is it?"  

Amy glanced at her watch. "Umm, Tuesday seventeenth of July, nearly ten to midnight. We've only been here five weeks... it feels like a century."  

"Did I do right comin' here Amy? Tell me I did."  

"Of course you did Chase."

"Yer shouldn't've followed me."

"I wouldn't have done if you hadn't woken me up and told me you–"

"–I told yer before Amy, I didn't!"

Amy opened her mouth to insist he had, to explain it all again. How he came into her bedroom, what he'd said. How he'd pulled on her arm, then in the soft pink light of her bedside lamp, she remembered watching his shadow disappear out onto the landing and down the stairs into the darkness, eager to return to the cellar, where that green mist swirled into the flames of hell. Instead she bit her lip hard. It was a night she  would never forget.

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