Part 2: Chapter 6 First Lesson

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Part Two 

Chapter Six  

First Lesson.

"You have to stay calm Chase... you have to stay... in control. See the colours, mend what is broken!" croaked Kish, taking short breaths as he wiped blood from his mouth.

The only colour Chase could see was purple. So much of Kish's blood spill over them both and pooled into the forest floor.  

Kish tried to heal himself but the wounds were too large and too deep from where the jagged branch had pieced straight through his back and out through his chest. Before he could repair the injuries sufficiently, he was fading in and out of consciousness.  

"Why did yer make me angry like that, why?" yelled Chase, his hands busy padding at the unyielding flow, tears and sweat streaming down his face. 

"To make you see Chase... I knew this would happen... I thought it might happen up on the cliffs earlier. Do not worry... I have come prepared... in my saddlebag..." Kish pointed a long shaking finger towards his keppet, who was snorting and pounding at the ground angrily. "There's a vial of pink liquid... Aquilla... with both of us working the wounds and the liquid, they will heal quickly."  

Chase did as he was told and ran to fetch the vial, but Kish's keppet reared, flailing it's hooves out towards him. 

"Calm her Chase, you can do this!"  

"It's okay, girl, it's okay. I'll help him, I promise, I'll help him!" said Chase raising his hands to gently calm the creature. His own keppet whinnied as if to answer and then both keppets neighed as though communicating to one another. Slowly the animal calmed and Chase searched through the saddlebags until he found the small thin vial of liquid, then quickly returned to Kish. He didn't look good.

But Chase knew he could do this. Katy had been far worse and he didn't even touch her, so this should be easy, he told himself. He gave Kish some of the liquid to sip and miraculously within seconds after spilling some on both wounds front and back, the flow of blood stopped and Chase watched the deep gashes close over and heal. Minutes later Kish was sitting up as though nothing had happened. 

"Thank you Chase, you have done well." 

"No...." Chase shook his head, "No... that-that shouldn't've happened...I just...." 

"Yes... you just... without thought or consequence. This is what you must learn to control. This would have effected Prelli too. We are Joined Chase. Others would have come to her aid. They will heal her, she too will drink Aquilla... some are healing her at this moment. Through healing her they have also helped to heal me, as you have helped to heal her too." 

"I could've killed yer." Chase's voice was low and choked, he remembered seeing and feeling that angry darkness when Katy exploded. But he sensed no Id this time. "If-if yer'd died, would Prelli've died too?" 


"I've never bin that angry– never! I just lost it!" Chase sat half hidden in the long thick knotted roots, rocking and hugging his knees. "So, yer risked both yer lives, just to prove to me what I can do, knowin' I could've killed yer both? Yer bloody mental! Why?" 

"It was necessary. There is no way you could have done anything like that in Ishmirban until now, while the others are too far away to stop you. But I had to make you see that you could do it Chase. Once you learn to control it, there will be nothing you can not do."  

"So.... so it was me who hurt Katy too? I don't remember getting that mad... and I saw was like a-a  blackness... I didn't see that this time." 

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