Part 2: Chapter 12 The Ring Maker's Gift

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Part Two: The Fire Stone. 

Chapter Twelve  

The Ring Makers Gift.  

Chase and Amy couldn't remember eating breakfast. The whole village was celebrating the return of The D'Hannivire Blue Healing Stone. Everyone wanted to touch Chase or bestow him with gifts. Even the people, who didn't believe he was The Healer, believed he was now. All except Nark and his son Marl, who both turned a deeper shade of red.

Marl grunted something under his breath about the invasion of humans. He still hadn't forgiven Chase for making him and his friends believe their keppets had run off. It had taken them nearly two earth days to realise they were still right where they had left them, munching on their favourite purple fire brushes.  

Kish quickly ushered Chase and Amy away from the celebrations, knowing the party would still be going on when they returned. From The Beach he quickly pointed them in the direction of the Purple Topped Mountains and was just about to wave them off when a voice shouted out for them to wait.  

He was probably the oldest person Chase and Amy had seen since they'd arrived in Ishmirban. He was known as Talmeron Don, one of the Elders. He was rarely seen outside the Temple. He wore a shroud of orange to match the shade of his skin, edged in fine gold; a sign if a Temple Don. He kept his hand on his head to stop the hood slipping down while in the other, as it clutched the front of his robe to stop it from opening; he grasped a long gold chain. It rippled in the sunlight. 

"Camifar! Thank you!" he called sounding oddly breathless. "Thank you for waiting. I feared I had missed your leaving and that you were already far away on your journey. I have something you must take with you!"  

Kish looked surprised. Chase and Amy shrugged at each other.  Kish had packed their saddlebags tight with all sorts of things they probably wouldn't need. Chase hoped the Don hadn't brought a Holy Book telling them that at every white rock they came across they would have to stop and ask permission to pass. It was probably tiny white stones, he thought, they had a 'thing' about tiny white stones. But it was nothing like that. On the chain, clutched in Talmeron Don's hand, was a beatiuful gold ring. It gave Chase strange feelings when the sunlight reflected off it.

"I know the ring will be too large for you to wear, but it is written when you take your first journey together alone, who ever holds The Ring of Life must give it up to you. That is me. Therefore, I give it up to you now!"  

Frowning, Chase took the ring from Talmeron Don. "Why? Umm... I mean...Thank you."  

"The Elders of the past must have realised The Ring would be too big for you and therefore forged the necklace so you can wear it."  

"What am I supposed to do with it? Why do we have to take it?" Chase was scared he'd lose it. It looked expensive. Precious. Very old. 

"I do not know. I do not know how it works, what it does or why it is important that you wear it, only that you must."  

Chase carefully placed the gold chain over his head. It was heavy and obviously made for a grown man, not a small boy. There were embossed symbols all around The Ring and also inside. At first he couldn't read them, but as he turned the ring slowly in his fingers he recognized something he'd seen on The Wall at Weir House. One moment a line of words had been undecipherable and then Chase had seen the words, The Dream Child. The same symbols were clearly scrolled half way around the inside of this Ring. 

"I might lose it." said Chase wanting to give it back and removing it again. He didn't want to be their Dream Child whose mother was born on this planet and then taken back to earth. His mother was Rebecca who was asleep, floating in a glutenous liquid inside The Sleepers Chamber, with the rest of his family. He shook his head, then held it out for Talmeron Don to take back. 

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