Chapter 19

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I wake up to see my ukulele in hand and a tear down my cheek. I sit up and remember. Its the last week of school. Wow, it hasn't seemed that long. I wear something casual yet cute. I walk into the kitchen and see Lucas and Farkle walk in. "Last week of school!" Lucas says falling on the couch. "I am actually sad." Farkle says. "Why? We will hang every day most of the day without work." I say eating my fruity pebbles. "I don't know Imma miss Algebra." He says. "How about once a week I print you out a paper so you don't cry." I say. "Yaayy." He says. I smile and finish my cereal. Riley and Maya walk in. "Lucas can I talk to you?" Maya says. He nods and they walk back to Riley's room. "What's going on?" I ask. "Maya doesn't think shes ready to date him." She says. "Oh.." I say. I eat my cereal and think.


Mr. Matthews talks about something. "Me and Maya broke up." Lucas tells me. "Are you okay?" I ask. He nods. I look at the front of the class. The bell rings. "Spencer, can you stay with me?" Dad says. I nod and stay seated. "Why wasn't Maya looking up at all this period?" He asks. "Lucas and her decided to see other people." I say. "Oh.." he says. "That's exactly why I don't date. " I say. "Ok you can go just try to make her feel better?"

"Remember, the last lacrosse game ever is tonight. Please be there." I say. He nods. "Of course." He says. I smile and walk out.

I walk out and see Maya on the bench pouting. "Hey Maya." I say walking over rubbing her back. "I dont like this at all." She says. I nod and look at her. "Well now you get to pick on Huckleberry without making up afterwards." I shrug. "But I pick on him cause I like him." She says. "Look this is why I stay away from dating usually." I say. "Well its easy for you, everyone loves you and its easy to blow them all off." Maya says. "No way." I say. "Ya way! You are amazing, Spence. I on the other hand isn't. When someone I liked like me back it was amazing. Now we're broken up." She says. "Well you need to put yourself out there..." I say. "The game is after school. Your gonna be there right?" I ask. She nods. "Of course." She smiles.


I sit in the locker room. Everyone is outside waiting for me. I made sure everyone was coming to this game but I don't even know if I want to go to this game. "Spencer you about ready?" I hear coach ask. "No." I croak. I hide in the corner hiding in the maze of lockers. "I'm sending Lucas in." She says and I hear the door close. "Spencer?" He says aloud. "Go away." I say to the wall making it echo. "What's wrong? You've been playing games like a champ what changed?" He asks still roaming trying to find me. "The fact that this was the game my mom was gonna watch me and the fact that I want to crawl in a hole and die." I say. "Look, its okay. You mom is watching from above and you will be fine." He says. "I turn around. "Promise?" I ask. He finally finds me. "Promise." He says. I remember the day in the fort when we were little. He had made a promise to me and he's making a promise to me now. I raise my arms up. "Help." I say. He smiles and shakes his head and lifts me up no problem. I notice we are really close. Scary close. I can't do this to Maya. I smile and walk to my stuff. I put my helmet on and all the stuff I need. "C'mon, lets go beat those bulldogs." He says I'm smile and we walk out with his arm over my shoulders.


"..And John Quicy Adams' Spencer Shay scores another point for the Eagles. 25 Eagles, 16 Bulldogs. 20 seconds on the clock" The announcer says. "Good job." Lucas says. "Thanks." I say. I get in position then the ball is on the move. Allison Argent passes it to Marco Diaz. Then it comes to me. I run with the ball to the goal but I'm stopped by a 220 pound bulldog. "Not on my watch!" She says. I feel a pain in my shoulder. I think its dislocated. I stay on the ground. I take off my helmet and hold my shoulder in pain. Soon the coaches get the idea and call a timeout. Refs and Coaches surround me. I see Lucas on one knee. "Are you okay?" A referee asks. "I think its dislocated." I say. They reach for it and I hold in a shreik. "We need to get you off the field and finish the ga-"

"No! I need to finish this game!" I say. "Spencer you scored 23 out of the 25 we scored. Trust me, you've done enough." The coach says. "No, I need to finish this. Can't you relocate it?" I ask. "I can." The other referee says. He holds my hand with both of his. "Ready?" He asks. I nod furiously. I close my eyes and feel the pop. I scream but with my mouth closed. I sit up and shake my arm and spin it around. "You can finish the game buy afterwards come to the nurse to see if anything is seriously wrong." The ref says. I nod and fix my helmet back on.

The other team got a flag and we get a few yards up. Holland takes it and runs. I run towards the goal.


She runs and looks at me.


She tosses it over everyone.


I go back and get under it.


I watch it fall into my net.


I run to the goal.


I dodge everyone in my path.


The crowd and my friends scream for me to go.


I get close to the goal until the same girl that dislocated my shoulder gets in my way.


I fake left, fake right and run to the goal.


I make my shot and the goal keeper blocks too early. It hits the goals net. The buzzer rings for the whole stadium to hear. I hold my shoulder because it still hurts and my teammates surround me and cheer. I laugh and smile.

I look at the stands and see my mom and dad hugging each other, Riley hugging Maya, and Auggie clapping jumping up and down. I smile at them and I walked over to the nurse ande she takes a look at my arm.


I'm sitting at the back of an ambulance. No I'm not going to the hospital, I need special wrap for my shoulder and I fractured my wrist so I have a brace on my wrist. My mother and father leave after saying how great I did. Riley was gonna walk me home. "Hey." I look up to see Lucas. "Hey, you did good." I say. "You did amazing even with a fractured wrist." He says. "Yea she's the best." Riley says. "Well I will see you tomorrow?" Lucas says. "Last days of school." I say. He nods. "Yea."

Me and Riley start walking home making jokes and talking about the game. I wonder how these last days will go. But for now I shower get in Pjs and sleep under my glow in the dark stars.

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