Chapter 6

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I sit in my desk and see Riley and Maya walk in. "We have changed the lives of two people in the room." Riley says. "Oh please not me." Zay says. "I'm happy with my life the way it is. I got tall and my teeth came in nicely." Farkle says then smiling. "Fortunately its not you two." Maya says. I realize me and Lucas are the only other two. "Oh no, what'd you do?" Me and Lucas accidentaly say at the same time. "Oh Lucas after figuring out what's bothered you your whole life we decided to fix your life right back up." "Bah..." Maya does faintly. "What was that for?" Lucas asks. "Baahh! Thou used to be a champion at muttin bustin until you fell off of Judy the sheep." Maya says. "And then you gave up but you never got over it." Riley says. Lucas thinks back. "I fell off that sheep so fast." He says like he's about to cry. "No one likes me." He says. I pat his shoulder. "Lucas you can fix this. Get back on that sheep and be a sheep champion." Riley says patting his back. "We have made that possible."

"How, How did you make that possibile?" He asks. "Show him." Riley says then Maya pulling out a flyer. "Ride, Lucas Ride Boy!" Riley starts.
"We have entered you in..."
"The annual muttin bustin tournament..."
"In Austin Texas..."
"In front of everyone you know..."
"Yay!" They finish together after taking turns. "How is that possibile? You have tho to be under the age of 8 or under 55 pounds." I say. "Oh but your wrong dear Spencer. We sent his application out and its been accepted."

Riley clears her throat then reads. "Congratulations, Lucas Frier, you have been accepted to be a member of the Roundup Rodeo. You will be riding Tombstone the Sheep." Riley says. "Tombstone?" I repeat. "Well that's the end of you." Zay says. "What's the difference between Tombstone and Judy the sheep?" Riley asks. "Read it again."

"Blah, blah, blah, over the age and weight limit, blah, we have placed you in the adult rodeo where you will ride, blah, tombstone the sheep."

"Oh, you only got one word wrong!" Lucas says. "Spencer wanna help them find that one word?" Zay says. "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah," Maya reads through then I point it out, "oh Bull!" Maya says. "You signed me up tfo ride Tombstone the BULL!" Lucas says. "Aren't you excited?" Riley says with a big smile.

"And for you dear Spencer Stay we have made your dreams come true too..." Riley takes out my flyer. "Be the first female bareback rider in the Austin Roundup Rodeo!" Maya says. "How did you do that?" I say. "There was one horse left and nobody took it." Maya says then Riley reads. "Congratulations, Spencer Shay, you are the first female bareback rider of the Austin Roundup Rodeo. Ever since your horse, Buttercup, is taken you will ride Beast." Riley says. "I will see two of my best friend die." Zay says. "What's wrong with Beast?" Maya asks. "Nothing!" I say. I look at Lucas and Zay. "Nothing is wrong." I say. "Maybe if you want a broken ribcage." Zay says. "Its fine. Maybe he will go see me." I say. "He?" Maya asks. "I said she." I say. They nod. Mattews walks in. "The Railroad." He starts. "I don't get it?" Farkle says. "What do you not get?" Mr. Matthews says. "How does the Railroad connect to our lives hambone?"

"Your just gonna let him call you hambone, Matthews?" Maya says. "The Railroad allowed us to travel great distances. The Railroad allowed us to see how other people lived. When we see how other people live it changes you. And I like Hambone. It sounds cool." He says. I laugh.

"Riley, Spencer hide your flyers before he finds out. When he finds out nothing will stop him." Lucas says. "Who?" Riley asks. "Oh you'll know who. Youll hear his big booming voice. He says something- he'll say something like-"

"This country was built on Railroads." I look to the doorway to see a man who seems so familiar. "I just came in on the noon train from Austin Texas." He says. "Pappy Joe..that's Pappy Joe. Yes more stuff!" Maya says. Papy Joe sees me. "Why, isn't it Spencer Shay? You look t beautiful as your mother." He says. "You know me and my mom?" I ask. "Darlin', your mother used to help in the crops until she was pregnant with you. You used to play with Lucas until you moved to Houston." He says. "Anyone know why I'm here?" He asks. Nobody answers. "Anybody?" Mr. Matthews asks. "I'm here because I couldn't be more happier with my grandson and Spencer." He says. "You two are the only ones too ride the most ferocious livestock we got." He says. " 'Member when you fell off Judy the sheep after about two seconds and we told you it was okay but in the reality of it you put us through shame, boy. Remember that?" He asks. "Yes, there is one moment in every man's life that shapes who he is forever. Mine is Judy the sheep." He says. "Well you know what, Lucas Frier...Forgivin. If you can stay in that bull for more that 3 seconds then you will be the master of Tombstone the Bull and I'll tell ya I love ya. That's something I've never said to another human." He says.

"Can we talk about this?" Mr. Matthew says. "Time for talkings over. Ive got permission slips. Frier, Shay, even you Zay. Lets go ride." He says. "Yeeee-hawww!!" Zay lets out as I gather my stuff. "That slipped out." He says embaresed. I laugh and walk out last behind everyone. Lucas looks back. "You did this!" He points at Riley and Maya. I giggle and push Lucas out of there.


I pack my clothes on the phone with my mom. "Your not going to Texas with me?" I ask. "I'm sorry hun but I've talked to your father he says he says he'll think about it." She says. I sigh. "Yea, think about it.." I say. "Don't worry you'll be fine. There's 300 dollars in the cabinet above the toilet. Take 100 as spare cash." She says. "Okay mom. Love you, see you in a few days." I say. "Mwah. Love you." She says with a kiss noise. I hang up and zip up my suitcase and side bag. My side bag has my gear and my lucky bracelet I've had since I was a baby. Of course it was huge back then but now it fits just right.

I walk out my room and head to the bathroom. I grab my toiletries and 80 dollars instead. I put the money in my wallet and the toiletries in the side pocket of the suitcase. I walk out the front door and lock the apartment. I see Pappy Joe, Lucas, and Zay all waiting. "Lets get to that train station." I say.

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