Chapter 20

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Sadly this is our last chapter...BUT there will absolutely be a sequel!!
Yes my loves I'm announcing it right here, right now. Big Time Cowgirl is going to be released either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I will have two parts by the time I start publishing it out to you guys!

Ok so, this is the last chapter... I hope you enjoy and stick around for the sequel!!

I sit in my desk to see Legacy on the board. "Legacy.." Dad turns around to see Farkles desk. "Why is Farkle a goose?" He asks. "Its the Einstein Academy Goose." Riley shrugs looking at it. "Oh sorry, why is the Einstein Academy Goose on Farkles desk?"

"They took Farkle as an end of the year prank. So we stole their mascot too." Maya says. "Farkles not our mascot." He says. "What would you ca him?" She says. "I'm guessing Zay is kidnapped too?" He asks. "No Zay is back in Texas for Vanessas Spring Formal." Lucas says. "Oohh." Me, Riley, and Maya say together.

"Alright, its the last week of school and I have more to teach you guys." He says. "You have more tho teach us?" Maya says. "I do, so much more." He says looking at us. "You guys are gonna be leaving this place. And I want to show you guys not only what you take away from this place but what you leave behind." He says. "That's right we haven't done our end of the year prank." Maya says. "What if we rigged the whole school with silly string where when everyone is dismissed and running out they all get silly stringed in the face. That'd be Ha-larious." I shrug.

"I know something that's ha-larious." We see Farkle walk in. "That'd I've been kidnapped and nobody found me." He says. "Farkle, we looked for a whole five minutes then we took the goose." Riley shrugs. "Donnie Barns framed by the goose." Lucas says. "I'd see that movie." Dad shrugs. "Oh please, Farkle is one of a kind ans unique. Ha!" He says. The goose honks back sounding exactly like him. I laugh. "You don't know me.." he says.


I sit in the living room and see Lucas open the door with note cards. "Riley, Maya its for you!" I say and go to the room. Lucas talks about just being friends with both of them and explaining me and him were already agreed to be friends. He walks out and I stand up. "Well Im gonna go to sleep." I say and walk away.


I sit in the classroom. "Hey." Lucas tells me. "Hey!" Riley yells from outside the window. "Hi!" He says scared. "Why you looking at me huckleberry?" Maya says. "Just to even it out." He says. "Oh, a girl loves to be looked at to be evened out!" She says. "So, you look nice, Spence." I nod. "Thanks." I shrug.

"What?" Maya says. "I like your shoes." He says. "Hey!" Riley says. "Your hair smells nice!" He says. "You smelled her hair?" Maya asks. He"s scared now. "Frier!" Dad says. "I'm dying here!" He says. I pat his shoulder. I shake my head. I raise my hand. "Can I be excused?" I ask. "What for?" He asks. "So Lucas doesn't die from giving compliments to three girls likely to hurt himself." I say. "Yes please!" He says. I grab my stuff and head fro study hall.


I sit in the library reading. "Hey." I look up to see Lucas. "Hiya Huckleberry." I say. "He takes the seat next to me. "So last few days huh." He says. "Yeah.." I nod. "Whats going to happen in the summer?" He asks. "We will all go to The beach, get a tan, eat ice cream-"

"I mean with me you Riley ans Maya?" He asks. I sigh. "I don't know. Nothing I hope." I say. "Yeah..." He sighs.

"So, Riley likes you?" I ask. "Apparently." He says. I look down. "So who doesn't like you?" I ask. "Everyone else and you." He says. "Well I mean, I like you I just don't want any trouble." I say. "Besides, I don't date." I say. "Why?" He asks. "Last time I dated someone and was comfortable he recorded me being goofy and showed the whole school, and not in a good way." I say. "Oh." He says. "Yea. Anyways, its overrated and stupid and causes more trouble than it needs too." I shrug. "What if it was with me?" He asks. "Like I said, it would cause more trouble than it needs to." I say.

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