Chapter 1

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//lemme just start off by saying to my followers who probably think I'm a child for doing this I'M SORRY I CAN'T HELP IT IF I GOT BORED ONE MORNING AND GOT HOOKED ON A DISNEY SHOW. I still watch teen wolf and catfish and suspect and attack on titan bc those and more are the shit. But I loved Boy Meets World and Idk but it hooked me on to Girl Meets world. Oh and this story will hav cussing sometimes so if your 10 saying your 14 looking for a fanfic you might wanna step away. Anyways here's the story, I hope you like it and see you later loves!//

I stand in the subway with my mom beside me. "Text me if you got the part." I tell her as we wait. "Don't worry, you'll be the first to know." She says. "You ready for your first day?" She asks. "I mean I guess but I don't know, I'm really nervous." I shrug. "You'll be fine. I just don't see why you had to change your whole style." She says. "Change is good." I shrug. A train stops and opens the doors. "Bye mom, see you at home." I give her a hug and she fixes my hair before I get on. I hold on to a bar and stay standing. Im stuck between a big sweaty man and an old lady ready for bingo. I look to see a pretty boy in the corner. Probably my age. I shrug him off and wait for my stop.

I see the doors open. "Here we go."


I sign in at the front desk and I'm given a schedule. "Mr. Matthews is just down that hallway to the right." She says. I nod and walk confidently. I was expecting it to be less crowded. I feel the palms of my hands start to sweat like crazy. "May I help you?" Mr. Matthews asks with a smile. I hand him the note not saying a word. Ugh their all judging me. I don't like this at all. "Class, we have a new student. Spencer Shay." They all look at me and my clothes. "Tell us something about you Miss Shay." He says. I feel my ears get red. It happens when I'm nervous. "I'm Spencer Shay, I'm from..Nevada, I'm 14 and I turn 15 soon." I shrug. "Nice to meet you Miss Shay. You can take the seat behind Farkle. Farkle raise your hand." He raises his hand. I see the pretty boy from the subway and two girls who seem fascinated. Especially the brunette. I sit down and Farkle yet Farkle still has his hand up. "Yes Farkle?" Mr. Matthews asks. "Farkle time sir?" He asks. "Oh, I love Farkle time." He says and they switch places and Farkle makes the name plate say Farkle. I'm very confused at this point. "Hello fellow classmates. Im going to be honest I didn't have anything other to say than we should make Spencer feel welcome. The percentage of new kids in New York in a whole school year is 15.5%. The percentage of new kids who get bullied in New York is 89.9%. I wanna help make that number decrease." Farkle says looking at his friends and then me. I give a small smile and look down.


Ah, lunch. The time where I get my food, have nowhere to sit then end up eating in the hallway. As soon as I get my food I feel two beings move next to me. "Hello, I'm Riley and I'm officially your first friend from New York." Says the brunette with a big grin. "Your kinda late by a few seconds. I think me and the lunchlady just bonded over milk. She looks at the lunch ladies. "Brenda I know where you work!" She says pointing to her. I giggle. "Hi, I'm Maya, I'm the one who keeps Riley from..many things." She looks at her. I look over to see her staring at a fly flying around the cafeteria. "Riley." Maya snaps in front of her face. "C'mon you'll sit with us." Maya says pulling me to the table. I see pretty boy and Farkle. "Spencer you already know Farkle and this is Lucas." Riley says with a smile. I give a small smile to them both and sit down and barely eat anything but my apple and a few spoons of mashed potatoes. "So what's it like in Nevada?" Lucas asks. "Well its Hot and almost like a dessert climate in some areas-" Farkle answers but is shooshed. "Not you ya dope, Spence." Maya says. "Well, its fine, I guess. Hung out at the Vegas strip sometimes." I shrug. They all nod. "So any electives?" Farkle asks. "Newspaper, Athletics and Band." I shrug. "What do you play the flute?" Lucas chuckles. "Actually no I'm in percussion. At my old school I was first chair in snare." I say and he seems impressed. "What do you do?" I ask him. "I'm an athlete." He says. "Oh really? How many sports?" I ask. "3. Football, Basketball, Soccer."

"How cute you think 3 is a big number. Try Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Track, Football, Soccer, boxing, gymnastics, and lacrosse on for size." I smirk. They all look in awe. "Damn Huckleberry. And I thought you were multi-talented.." Maya says. Lucas stays looking at me. Not with disgust or anger just awe. "I guess I might have to keep it low-key for you." I say smirking. "I like her." Maya says. "Can we keep her?" Riley asks. I laugh and look at them all. "What do you say Spence?" Maya asks. "About what?"

"Being with us." Farkle clears up. I look at Lucas waiting for an answer. I shrug. "I guess so." I say and giggle. Then as if on Que the bell rang.

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