Chapter 7

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I change into my old clothes from when I lived in Texas. I look at myself and fix a braid in my hair. I see myself and think of the past. "Just like old times, Shay." I whisper and fix my hat upon my head. I walk into the livingroom to see a man in Lucas' face Maya happy, Riley laughing, and Farkle and Zay on the couch. Everyone is staring at me.

Papy Joe takes off his hat. "Don't you look like a peach on a cool spring day." Pappy Joe says. I smile and see everyone look at each other except Lucas. "Close your mouth Lucas your catch flies." I giggle. "Pappy Joe do you know where Buttercup might be?" I ask. "In the barn with the rest of the horses. Except Beast of course. He has his special pin." He says. I nod. "Yea, well I'm gonna go for a ride." I say. I start to walk out then I hear Lucas. "I'll come." He says. "Anything to get away from here." He says. I giggle and let him follow me.

We get to the barn and I walk up to buttercup. "Hiya girl." I smile petting her mane. "So what's it like knowing we used to be best friends when we were little?" I ask Lucas as I saddle up Buttercup. "Uh, kind weird actually. Who knew that we'd both end up in New York and both become best friends." He says. I nod, "Yeah, it would be awkward if back then we made some silly promise to be best friends forever." I say. He chuckles. "Yeah, that'd be pretty messed up." He says.


Flashback to 2005
Spencer age 4
Lucas age 4 and 1/2

Third Person POV

Lucas stands in the feild where his Pappy Joe set up a playground for him. He sings all lonesome until he hears panting. He looks up to see Spencer Shay, his bestest friend running towards him. "Come on!" She says. She grabs his hand and they run out into the woods right next to their home. They find Spencers super secret fort. Only she and Lucas are aloud in.

They sit inside and catch their breath after running. "What are we doing here, Spence?" Lucas asks his friend. "Im moving to Houston. I don't wanna go." She says. "But you have to your mamma said so." Lucas says. "I can stay here live with you and Pappy Joe, we can stay friends forever." She says. "Your mamma cares about you. She bought the red and brown boots you always wear to the cowgirl hat you've always wanted. She wouldn't move if she didn't now what was right for you." Lucas says moving next to her. "Do you want me to move?" She asks looking at him. "Of course not. Your my bestest friend." He says. Spencer leans her head on his shoulder. "Promise I will still be your bestest friend even if I live in Houston?" She asks. "Yes. And if I break this promise you can have my hat and my horse." He says. "You mean it?!" She says. "Yes." He says. "I kinda hope you break your promise now." She says. They both laugh. "Here." Lucas gets out a paper and a red crayon. "I Lucas F promise to stay Spencers bestest friend." He says as he writes. Of course his handwriting looks like chicken scratch. He hands her the crayon. "I Spencer S promise to stay Lucas' best friend." She says as she writes it down. They pin in to one of the Windows.

"Spencer!" Spencers mother, Judy, was calling her. "We should go." Lucas says and hold their fort door open for Spencer. They step out into the woods. "Race you to the house?" Lucas asks. "1,2,3,GO!" She says getting a head start. "Hey!" Lucas yells and runs after her.


Judy puts the last box in the pickup truck. "I promise I will try to see you in the summer." Spencer tells Lucas. "I know you will, Spence." He says. "Here." He gives Spencer his cowboy hat. They both giggle when the hat is too big for her. She fixes the hat to where she can see. He then hands her a box. "Pappy Joe helped me get it." He says its a bracelet. She immediately puts it on even tho its too big. They both laugh again. They give each other one last hug and then Judy holds Spencers hand and buckles her in her car seat. She stays looking at Lucas. He stays looking at her. He mom drives away and she looks back to see Lucas running towards the car waving. "BYE SPENCER!" He yells. She waves back hoping he sees. She looks at the bracelet and starts to cry.


Present Time
Spencers POV

I finish saddling up Buttercup and get on. "You coming Frier?" I ask. He smiles and hops on the back. I ride out of the barn and into the meadows running circles and just feeling the wind in my face. Me and Lucas took turns. Lucas turned a little sudden and I held on tighter to him making sure I didn't fall. I feel Lucas look back and I look at him. I let go a bit and notice we came to a complete stop. "My turn." I whisper to him smirking and jump off. He got red and scooted back. I laugh and climb on. I ride on a hill and stop give buttercup some apples and sit facing the sunset. Lucas sits next to me. "Where'd you get the bracelet?" He asks. "My mom says as a baby or toddler Ive had it. I never told her where I got it from though." I say.

We sit and watch the sunset fall. "Your really gonna do this? Ride Tombstone." I ask. "Yea I guess. A lot of people are counting on me. Even Pappy Joe." He says. I nod. "Well, I believe in you. I think if you try hard enough you might just be able to be master of Tombstone." I say. "You think so?" He asks. "I know so." I say. He smiles. "Your really gonna ride Beast?" He asks. "I mean I have to. I haven't don't much in life that's good enough so maybe this will get my dad over here." I say. I catch what I said and freeze. "Wheres your dad?" He asks. "Dallas or New Orleans. He left me as a baby and a month ago he wanted to see his daughter. I've called as a kid hoping he would pick up but no answer. I gave up around the age of 8." I shrug. "I'm sorry." He says. "Its fine. It just hurts to know your the reason your own father left." I shrug. "Its not your fault. That jerk made his own decisions and look what he missed out on. A sweet, tough, funny, big hearted girl that has so much talent." He says. I laugh and look down. "I wish he couldve at least left a note." I say. He nods. I lean my head on his shoulder and feel him wrap his arm around me. I feel better when I'm with him. I don't know if its the way he talks to me or the way he listens but something just makes me I'm at home.

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