Chapter 8

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I walk over to the horse pins and see Beast. His black hair, red beady eyes, his muscles you'd usually see on a human body builder. "You don't scare me. I've taken on monsters under my bed to Missy and her brother you don't scare me. I WILL ride you for 8 seconds and I will be master of the Beast." I say. The horse snorts at me as if he was laughing at me. "Oh be honest how bad is this gonna be?" I ask him. He stand up on two and neighs. "I'm going to die." I say. I take off my hat and air out my head. I then notice an engraving in the head band part.


I shrug it off and  I walk towards the air conditioned tent. To see Riley and Maya walk in with Lucas behind them. I get there a little late and see an old rivalry talk to Pappy Joe. "Next up Muttin Bustin!" The speaker says. We see from the televisions in the tent all the children falling off losing their grip and one made it. "Now up next, Jimmy McCullen riding Judy the sheep!"

"That's my grandson!" McCullen says. The horn rings and after 2-3 seconds he falls off. "That's his Grandson!" Pappy Joe says laughing. "Pappy Joe!" Riley says. I laugh and look at the TVs. Coming Soon Bull Riding but up next we have bareback riding. Lets see how our riders did last year."

The television shows a lot of people being tossed around, stomped on, threw into the fence, land on their heads. I sigh. Now lets see how our very own Beast did last year. The year everyone thought they could take The Beast." It shows the same stuff but times 10.

"Next up Buttercup and John McGinley." It shows Buttercup going crazy and after 4 second he throws him off and stomps on him. It shows the ER pic him up and load him into the truck. "After the 5 minute break we will see our very own Spencer Shay take on The Beast." The televisions turn off. "I don't want you riding that horse, Spencer." Lucas says. "Lucas.."

"No take off that stupid vest and tell them your not doing it." He says. "I agree with Lucas." Farkle joins in. "Spencer is going to do fine. She will make it to 8 seconds, she will be the master of The Beast." Riley says. "No she won't the beast is going to rip her to shreds. "I'm with Lucas." Maya says. "I can't see my friend get hurt." She says. "Then I won't." I say. "Next up, Spencer Shay riding The Beast."

"We gotta go." I hear Pappy Joe behind me. I start to walk. "Spencer." Lucas says. I look back. He banda me a black and white bandana. "To cover your face from dirt in the air." He says. I smile. "You believe in me, don't you Lucas?" I ask. He nods. "Of course." He says. I smile and pretend to fix a smile on his fave making him really smile. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck!" Says Riley
"Good luck kid." Maya says.
"Wish you the best!" Farkle says.
"Break a leg!" Says Zay not catching on. I look at him. 10 seconds later he relizes it and hits himself. "Lucas can you walk me to Beast?" I ask. He nods with a smile. "Sure."

We walk over and I am given everything I need to put on. I climb up and over the fence. I am given my gloves and I grip on tightly. Im shaking. I guess Lucas can hear my breath being shaky. "Try telling him you know Buttercup and you can hook them up." He says. "Ya know Buttercup? Maybe if you go easy I can hook you guys up." I say. The horse goes crazy. "He DOESN'T CARE!" I yell nervous and scared. A million of emotions are rushing through me right now. I breathe in and breathe out. I look at the stands and don't see my dad until-

The gate it opened and I am released. I feel the horse jump up and down, kicking, spinning, spinning and kicking, I hold on tight my other hand on my hat. It feels like a day had gone by until I lose my grip and I'm thrown off head first losing my hat.

 It feels like a day had gone by until I lose my grip and I'm thrown off head first losing my hat

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Everything all neon and hazy. I close my eyes until this pain and dizziness leaves my head. I feel two people run up to me. The first one shakes me and the second feels my head. I start to hear better. "Spencer, can you hear me? Are you okay?" Its Lucas. I open my eyes and smile. "I was on for like a whole minute!" I say. I see Riley on my other side. They both laugh. Lucas helps me up. "Spencer you did it!" Riley says I look at the timer.


I laugh and hug Lucas and Riley. I look at the crowd. My father nowhere to be seen. I look at the rest of my friends. Farkle nowhere to be seen. "Ladies and Gentlemen, our First female bareback champion and the master of The Beast!" Everyone cheers. I smile and I'm helped off to the side. Nurses come to me. "Next, Lucas Frier riding, Tombstone." He looks at me. "Wish me luck, ya hear?" He says. I tip my hat and he laughs running to the bull. Hes scared shitless. I think to myself.

"Tell him you want to be a veterinarian." I yell. I see him look down then the bull goes crazy. "HE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT!" He yells. "Yup he's scared shitless." I say aloud.

I get an ice pack for my shoulder and a wrap for my wrist and ankle. I then see Lucas take off on the bull. I stand up ignoring the pain. He seems like he's having issues. "Cmon Lucas." I say under my breath. He's thrown off and slide to my feet near the rail. I squat down. "Are you okay?" I ask. He opens his eyes. "I'm alive!" He says. I laugh and sit back down and fix the ice and my wraps. I look for Maya and Farkle but their sitting far away not watching. Riley head over and they all talk. I see Lucas get applauded and I'm helped to the center where Lucas and I got our trophys. Everyone showed up for that. I take one last look but no sign of my dad. I'm helped to the car and we all drive home.


I sit in the living room staring into space. Lucas sits next to me. "We did it." He says. "Yup but one off us hurt more than the other I say. He chuckles. "Yeah, if I had the power I wouldve gotten a black eye for you." He says. "Really? What about all those girls you need to flirt with?" I ask laughing. He looks at me. "I'm tired of flirting. Its time I tell everyone how I feel." He says. "Starting tomorrow." He says. I laugh. I lean my head on his shoulder.

I almost fall asleep when Riley walks in. In tired and about to fall asleep all I hear is Riley saying she loved him as a brother and left. Lucas sits back down. I feel ask vibes so I sit straight and fall asleep. Tomorrows another day.

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