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Chapter 9

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I wake up in my bed. How did I end up here? I change into blue jeans, a camo tee shirt, and converse. I change my wrist wrap. And fix my hair into a ponytail. I walk outside to see everyone eating breakfast. "Here ya go darlin'." Cletus says handing me a plate of eggs and bacon. "Thanks." I say and sit on the couch between Lucas and Farkle. I take the first bite. "Mmm...I miss Texas bacon and eggs. I've been on a diet of granola bars and coffee ever since we made the move." I say. "I hope you missed the barbeque just as much. Tonight we're heading to Chubby's." Pappy Joe says. "Chubby's! My wishes have come true!" I say leaning back taking another bite of my breakfast.

I finish and clean myself up. "Riley, Maya, I think its time you learn where Lucas, Zay, and I grew up." I say. Riley and Maya smile at each other. "To the barn!" I yell putting on my hat.


"Alright so I can only use two horses. Buttercup and Blue Jeans." I say. I saddle up both horses. "Alright you two sit on Buttercup and me and Blue Jeans will lead you guys through the meadows and the woods." I say. "I got this!" Riley says. She jumps onto the horse and struggles. She falls off and repeats twice. I laugh and help her up instantly. "First try." She says fixing her hair. I help Maya up because she knows not to do..whatever Riley just did.

I hop onto Blue Jeans and hold onto Buttercup's lasso and ride out of there. I ride into the meadows and look back to see Maya and Riley smiling. "Now into the woods!" I say and rush into the woods. I see Riley reaching for leaves and moss hanging from the trees. "Hey what's that over there?" Maya asks. I look to see a small for with vines all over it. "I don't know..but I'm curious." I say.

We ride over and I get off. "I highly suggest you guys don't get off unless you wanna take forever getting back on. They look at each other. "We're good." They say at the same time. I walk to the fort and have to get on my knees to get inside. Its filled with toys, crayons and old papers hanging from the walls. I smile at the drawings. "What do you see, Spence?" Riley asks. "Its a children's fort." I say. "Its pretty old." I say. I see a peculiar paper hanging all lonesome. I take it down and read the childrens writing.

I Lucas F promise to stay Spencer's bestest friend.
I Spencer S promise to stay Lucas' bestest friend.

I look at the back and see writing.

Spencer left today. I'm really gonna miss her. We gave her the silver feather bracelet and my hat. The black one with the stringy thingys that was too big for me.

I look at my hat.
"Lucas Frier.." I read on.

I promised if I forgot I'd give her my horse, when pigs fly.

I laugh to myself

I can't wait to see her in the summer.

I think to myself. I never saw him a summer. I do remember being friends with a boy. "Spence, you dead in there?" Maya asks. I crawl out of there. "What'd you find?" Riley asks. I look at the paper. "I was Lucas' bestest friend." I say showing them the paper. I take it back and shake my head. "Who would've thought. " I shake my head and fold it, then sliding it into my back pocket.

"Lets head back." I say. I climb onto Blue Jeans and walk us back to the barn.


We walk into the house to see Lucas and Farkle on the couch. "What hole did you crawl out of?" Farkle asks. I look at my clothes to notice I'm dirty. "A very mind blowing hole." I say shrugging. I look at the time. 6:20

"Pappy Joe!" I call he comes in. "Yes darlin'?" He says. "When can we go to Chubby's!" I say. "Why don't we all get cleaned up, especially you, and when we're all ready we can go." He says. "I'm gonna go shower!" I yell and run into the bathroom.

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