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Chapter 4

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I stand in the middle of my room starring at Maya and Riley sitting at my Bay Window. I look down. I can't tell Riley and Maya. I'm not ready. Lucas won't really do anything but..Farkle.

"I need to speak with Farkle." I say. "What?" Maya and Riley say at the same time. "I can only talk to Farkle about it." I say looking down. "He's downstairs. Come with us." Riley says. "Text him to come up, please." I say. Maya nods and texts him.

Lucas POV

Farkle and I are watching a movie waiting for the girls and Zay until we faint buzz. Its Farkles phone. "Its a text from Maya. They need me upstairs." He says confused. Why would they want Farkle and not me? "I'm coming with you." Then as if on Que he phone buzzes again. "Don't bring Lucas or Zay." He says. I sigh. "Promise you'll tell me everything?" I ask. "Promise." He says he runs to Riley's room. I sit on the couch and think. "I hope Spencers okay. If anything were to happen to her I would crush whoever hurt her." I say to myself. I catch what I said. "I mean that's what I'd do for all my friends.." I add. Did I have feelings for Spencer?

Spencers POV

I see Farkle walk in. "You do know Zay is outside." Farkle says. "Snitch!" Zay yells from outside. "Zay!" I yell he walks in. "Yes ma'am?" He asks kinda scared. I shake my head. I take Farkle to the hallway outside my room. "Look I have something to tell you but you can't tell anyone." I say. "My lips are sealed for you." He says. I show him the texts.

Go back to where you belong you worthless nothing.

Don't u now our friends are putting up an act?

You only made lacrosse because you bribed the coaches

Who wears that to school? A slut that's who

Go die nobody will Care

Your ruining everyoned life

God your so fat

Leave Lucas alone he won't ever care

Farkle only helps you because he feels sorry for u couldn't blame him.

I take the phone away. "Ya you don't need to see the rest." I say putting it away. "What was the video?" He asks. I sigh. I feel a tear roll down my cheek. "They had masks of my face on and kept saying these awful things." I start to cry. He hugs me and I cry into his shoulder. "We need to tell at least Riley and Maya. Not Lucas, definitely not Lucas." He says. "Why definitely not Lucas?" I ask. "I will let the girls explain." He opens the door and pushes me in. Riley and Maya stand up. Zay stays sitting down. "I'm..getting bullied." I say shortening it down for them. They don't say anything and give me a hug. I start to cry. "I just don't understand. They don't even know me." I say babbling. "If I understand one thing its that we cant tell Lucas until we know who this is and until its handled." Zay says. "Why?" I ask. "He tends to go 'Texas Lucas' on us and lets just say you don't wanna mess with him unless you want a broken arm." He says. We all look at Zay. "What? Its happened." He says. "This is our little secret." Riley says wiping my eyes. I smile and look down. "Spend the night." Riley says. I nod. She smiles and Maya helps me pack.


We all watched a movie and we decided to play truth or dare.

It was fun then Mr. Matthews walked in. "I got one" he says. "Oh no." Maya says. "Its for Spencer." He says. I cringe at my name. "Truth or dare." I shrug. "Is it really true your from Nevada?" He asks. I look at him. "You can tell them.." He gives me an assuring nod. I nod back. "No." I say they all gasp. "Where are you from?" Lucas asks. I sigh. "I'm from Texas." I say. They all gasp again. "Why did you tell everyone Nevada?" Maya asks. "1) I'm trying change. I cant change with people asking stuff about Texas. 2) you tease Lucas. How do I know you won't tease me?" I shrug. "Because there's a difference between you and Huckleberry. He's hucklberry your Spencer." Maya answers. "I think I'm ready to tell you guys my most embarrassing moment." Lucas says. "Spill it."

"I was enrolled for muttin bustin at the rodeo and I fell off after 2.1 seconds." He says. I giggle. "What's muttin bustin?" Riley asks. "Kids get to ride a sheep and whoever stays the longest wins." I say. I laugh out loud. "It was in Austin Texas. The rodeo was packed as it could be. Lucas was gonna be the master of Judy the sheep. 2 seconds, BAM!, he loses grip and falls face first into the dirt." Zay says. "Zay, seriously man?!" Lucas days hitting his arm. "They made me!" He says. Then it hits me like a truck. "Oh my god. Lucas Frier! Your the Frier Fail!" I hit my head out of pure stupidity. "You know?" Lucas asks. "Yea, I was at that rodeo. I was asked to sing the star spangled banner." I say.

"They gave me a name?" Lucas asks. "Oh..no only my mom did." I confess. Maya laughs. "I like your mom." She says.

"Yeah I decided not to sing and got into horses." I shrug. "What events do you do or did?" He asks. "Tie down roping, barrel racing, and... bareback riding."

"You actually bareback ride?" Zay asks. "Well, not yet. Ive been practicing for years hoping to show my..mom and we moved." I shrugged. We all sit in silence. Maya giggles."Judy the sheep." I laugh.

I feel my phone vibrate 4 times in a row. I look at it everyone who is looking at me. I give an assuring smile and turn it completly off.

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