Chapter 5

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I wake up on Riley's window seeing Maya and Riley on her bed. I turn on my phone. 25 unread text messages.

I look through them and see two from ny mom after I said I was spending the night. I see Riley and Maya wake up and stretch together. "Breakfast anyone?" Riley asks. We all walk to the kitchen and serve ourselves cereal. I hear my phone vibrate over and over again. I breathe in and out. I finish my cereal and change for school with Maya and Riley doing the same thing. We were about to leave when Riley stops me. "Are you okay? You haven't answered any of our questions." She says. "I didn't hear you." I say. "We were saying this is getting out of hand and we should find out who this is." Maya says. I nod. "We can talk more about it later." I shrug with a smile and walk out to school.

Lucas POV

After last night figuring out me and Spencer have more in common than we expected I couldn't stop thinking about it. But now do I have feelings for all three. Life is so confusing.I mean I don't even know if Spencer likes me. She's been talking to Farkle a lot. Maybe their a thing. Speaking of Spencer, where is she. Riley and Maya are here where is she? Spencer is late to class. She's never late to class. I'm getting worried. Until I see her walk in but her head is down. She quickly gives Matthews her tardy slip and sits down. I keep an eye on her. She has had her head down all day. She pulls the hoodie shes wearing over her head and puts her earbuds in.

The bell rings and Spencer rushes out of the classroom and into the bathroom. I walk with Farkle, Zay, Maya, and Riley to the bathroom. Riley goes in. I wish I can go in too. A few minutes go by and the hallways are empty. We see Riley and Spencer walk out. Spencer still has her head down. "Lucas I think you should go." She says like she's been crying. "No way. I'm not leaving you until you tell me what's going on." I say. Did i just say that?

"Lucas please." She says. Zay holds my shoulders and we walk away to our next class. Art.

Spencer POV

"What happened?" Farkle asks. I lift my head to show them. I have a bruise on my temple the size of a pepperoni. "How am I going to hide this from Lucas. We have lacrosse practice." I say. "Don't you wear those helmets?" Riley says. "Yea only for practice. What about athletics?" I ask. "Wear your hair down. Like you do now." Farkle says. He fixes my hair to where its parted on the other side and covers my bruise. "There now Lucas won't know." Riley says. "And you look bettter than ever." Maya adds. I laugh. "Who did this to you?" Farkle asks. "Them.." I say. "There was more than one?" Riley asks. "I didn't see them though all I know is that the one that punched me has small hands. Doesn't help at all." I say.

Lucas walks over. "Can I talk to you?" He asks. I nod. We head to the other side of the hallway. "Can you please tell me what's going on?" He asks. "Look I'm going through a lot. My moms working double time and gets 5 hours of sleep and sees me 10 minutes. I'm still fitting in here and I miss home." I say. He hugs me. Not accidental on the feild but he meant it. I see a brunette stare at us with a face of disgust. She doesn't see me staring at her back. She types something in her phone and flips her hair. I feel a vibration in my back poket and see her walk away. I hug Lucas back and feel a tear roll down my face.


"Harper ever since this is a class with books in it do you think you have a yearbook I can use?" I ask aloud while people read and discuss Voltage. "I do have one actually." She pulls it out and brings it to me. I look for the girl. Found her. I take a picture and send it to Maya, Riley, Farkle, and even Zay.

This is our girl

I get an instant response from Farkle.

How do you know?

I saw her send the text and stare at me while Lucas gave me a hug

I wait for a response.

What now?

Maya looks at me.

I don't know. But I do know we don't snitch to teachers or Lucas.

I reply. I look at Lucas reading his comic.

Confront her. Tell her everything she's said is wrong.

Zay adds with Riley and Farkle agreeing.

I can't.

The bell rings and I head to newspaper with Maya and Riley walking me. "Why can't you?" Riley asks. "Shes starting to say stuff tht I'm starting to now believe is true. I mean I am nothing to this group." I shrug. "Hey, no your not. Your everything." Maya says. I shake my head. "I mean I could tell her she's wrong but it won't stop anything she could still text me.

"We will be right behind you." Riley says. "Okay. I have a plan to conceal Lucas and talk to her."


Maya POV

The plan was for while Riley and Spencer get ready to talk her bully we contain Lucas at Topangas.

I texted Lucas to meet us here so we can tell him something about what's going on with Spencer. He shows up in the door concerned look on his face. "Lucas you wanna come here for a sec?" I ask at the counters. He walks over. I turn his to face the door and look at him. "Now before we can start.." Farkle quickly ties his hands to the counter with towels. "Its for your own good." He says and walks over with me and Zay. "What's going on? What's wrong with Spencer? Where's Riley?" He asks us. "Ok Riley and Spencer are on their way to the school." I say. "Why?" He asks. "To confront Missy Bradford." Farkle answers. "Why would she want to do that?" He asks.

"Spencers getting bullied, Lucas. Her brother also gave her a bruised temple." I say. He looks down at the towels. He pulls his arms up no problem tearing the towels and walking out. "Texas Lucas has arrived." Zay says. I slowly walk over to him. "Zay, our job was to contain Lucas." I say calmy. "I know." He says. "He's not very contained is he!" I say making him jump. "No, which means there's drama about to go down and we're missing it because your too busy yelling at me." He says. I sigh and walk out with both of them following me.


Spencer POV

I stand in front of the school. Riley is hiding behind a wall. I see Missy and her brother walk towards me. "You got my texts." I say. "Well no shit Sherlock." She says. "I just wanted to let you know, you don't scare me. I know what you say is lies and I know that you just wish Lucas was yours. Well he's more than likely not interested seeing how low you have to go to get him and he never will be interested." I say. "I could just say awful things about you and make your life a living hell like you did to me. But I wont." I get in her face. "I haven't shown you my pissed off side of me." I say. I see out of me peripheral vision her brother pull back his fist. I grab it and twist it around making him cry out in pain. I don't break eye contact with Missy. I kick him away from me and he stays on the ground holding his hand. "I'm gonna be the mature one and walk away from you. But if I ever see you again. It won't be fun." I walk back and see Missy as white as a ghost. I feel people behind me. I dont bother to look. Her and her brother start to walk away. "This isn't over Spencer Shay. Trust me." She says. When she turns a corner I slouch and catch my breath. I look back to see everyone. "Maybe Texas Spencer is worse than Texas Lucas." Zay says. I laugh and look back. "Lets go home please." I say. "Absolutely." Lucas answers. I smile and we walk to Riley's place.

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