Chapter 2

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My wattpad messed up so this is Chapter treo the next one is chapter 3...sorry

I walk into Ms. Burgess' class. I see my friends sitting in their seats already, giving me a smile. I nod and look at my teacher. Tall, slim, black leather jacket, holding a comic book in hand."You must be Spencer Shay. I've heard a lot from your old teachers, I expect a lot from you." She says. "Yes ma'am." I nod. "Please call me Harper." She says. "Okay..Harper." I let out a small laugh and nod. "Take the seat behind Farkle." She points. I nod and take my seat. She holds up the book. "Voltage. A girl who is given powers after surviving an lightning strike. Read it, then on Thursday we start our stories." She says passing out our copies. "Stories?" Riley asks. "Mama dont write stories." Maya says shaking her head. "What if I said you control what happens?" Harper says. Maya shrugs. "I'm interested." She says. "Fiction. The story comes right out of the authors imagination. Most stories tell the readers what the author is too afraid to say aloud or what the author believes their readers should take from the theme." She says. "Everyone put Voltage away. I have a paper for you guys to do."

"Oh no, work." Maya says. "Yay." Farkle says. "Its a fictional poem telling you that not only people around you can hurt you but the people you share a home with." She passes out stapled papers with a six stanza poem and a few questions. "Seem familiar Miss Shay?" Harper asks. I read the first few lines. "My work is our assignment?" I ask. "Your talented Spencer, share it with as many people as you can." She says. "Trust us she shared more than enough at lunch." Lucas says. "That's a story for another time. Now, lets read." She says.

I answer the questions and turn it in immediatly. I start reading the graphic novel she assigned and feel people look at me as they finish reading. "Is this real?" Maya asks. "No, all fictional." I say and feel Lucas staring at me.


In the girls athletics room I see my phone vibrate. Its my mom.

Didn't get the part..maybe tomorrow. :)

I sigh and change into the athletics clothes I was given by Coach Kelly. I tie my hair up and head to the gym seeing the boys on one side and the girls on the other. All of them stretching talking about their days. An ear shredding sound of a gym whistle. I see Coach Gleason and Coach Kelly standing side by side. Those who are interested in lacrosse boys and girls come with me. Those on off-season stay here." Coach Kelly says starting to head outside a small group of girls and a small group of boys follow. I walk with the girls. I feel a tap on my shoulder, its Lucas with a big smile. "Hey." He says following. "You sure you don't wanna stay here and play dodgeball with your friends instead of getting your butt kicked in lacrosse?" I ask. "Its lacrosse, how hard can it be?"


25. Why am I mentioning this random number? Its the number Luacs has tackled to the ground. 13 is the number of times he's been stepped on. 12 is the number of times I've stepped on him laughing at how he's trying. Its not as bad as most of the girls. I score another point and take off my helmet and air out my head. I see Lucas jog to me. "How are you so good at this?" He asks. "I had a lot of time on my hands." I shrug. "List is up! Practices are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school." Coach Kelly says walking back inside. I run to the list. With Lucas right behind me. I see the names.


"We made it!" I say and me and Lucas hug. I relize what I'm doing. I let go and brush myself off. "Wait how did you make it?" I ask. "I guess they see potential." He shrugs. I shake my head. "Think fast!" I throw my helmet at him and start to run inside.


I walk into our small apartment two bedrooms, kitchen and living room two bathrooms and my very own bay window. I sit and look outside. Imma sleep here more than my bed.

"Hiya." I see Riley and Maya crawl through my window. "How weird you live in the same place we do." Maya says. "Uh how did you know?" I ask. "Riley followed you."
"I followed you."

I look outside my door to see my mom not home yet. I close the door. And see Farkles head pop in. "Ladies.." he says. "Farkle." Riley and Maya say at the same time. "Will we be meeting here now?" He asks. "No we are not." I bud in. "Fine you come to us at Rileys window." Maya says. "Spencer? I'm home!" I hear my mom. "Fine, now go!" I whisper shooing them out.

I jump on my bay window and open up voltage acting like nothing happened.

I get a text from Unknown. I shake it off and continue reading.

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