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Chapter 12

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I can't think straight. I accidentally said something about my father, they know I have depression, me and Lucas' bond is broken, and I won't eat. I lay in bed. I turned my phone off completely and my mother isn't home so Im not buzzing up anyone.

I listen to music on YouTube when I hear a slight tapping. I look to the window to see Riley. I look and see its unlocked. I nod and she opens it from the outside. "Here's your meds." She says. I take the bag and get the water bottle from my nightstand.

I take all of my pills but I see candy in my bag as well. And colorful confetti, and glitter, and more candy. I look at her confused to notice everyone's in my room. "We put stuff in there that makes us happy." Maya says. "Riley put it together." Farkle says. "What happened with your dad?" Riley asks.

I look at my pills and take them before I say anything. "Sit." I say pointing to my bay window. They do as said. I sigh.

"I don't remember my dad, I just know he's a big jerkface. My mom says she was pregnant with me and after telling my father he left. Disappeared. When I was a child we found him and sent a letter. She said he doesn't have time for stupid children and single mother's. He said in 20 years I can see him. He called once and I ignored him then I find out he was at the rodeo. He gave me a letter saying he's glad I grew up to be a pretty girl but life gets in the way and hes not really making an effort to see me." I say. "Is that what that letter was?" Riley asks.

I nod. "And all I could think about is that I only have 14 years to go." I shrug feeling my eyes water. I look down and start to cry. Riley and Maya move over and sit next to me. They lean their heads on my shoulders. "Thanks for opening up to us. I know that was hard." Maya says. I look at her.

"I just wish it didn't all have to come out this way." I shrug and look at them. I take out my meds bag and take out a bag of skittles. I pour a whole bunch of them in my mouth. Everyone looks at me. "What? I'm not going to let the candy go to waste."


I walk into Harpers class. I sit in my seat and notice Lucas and Maya walk in together awkwardly. I give Maya a face asking whats wrong. She smiles and nods. I nod back and take out my story I printed out. "Alright class did everyone do their assignment?" Harper asks. "Maya?" She asks. "Right here." She holds up a paper. "Maya it isn't like you to do your homework!" I say. "I know.. she tricked me! ...witchcraft..." She says. We laugh. "Alright my assignment was to write a story didn't matter if it was two sentences, a poem, or a story, as long as it gave a message and/or a lesson. Riley, why don't you read yours first?" She asks. Maya stands up and walks to the front.

"Many things are happening
Many things are changing
As much as I wish it would remain neutral, life decides to change it.
Things grow, things shrink
Things differ in size
Whether its in the heart or mind nothing stays the same
The only thing that stays neutral is numbers. There's nothing you can do to change the answer the equation and get a different answer unless you get a step wrong.
Then again what do I know about math?
I want to see the best in people. And the people I see now are the bestest friends I've ever had.
I hope our friendship stays the same like an answer for a math equation."

She sits down. Now its Farkles turn.

"There was a boy and a girl. The boy and girl were best friends until life got in the way. The boy got into math and the girl got into sports. The day they met again their spark soon fade into just embers. They both wish they could have their spark back but its too late. They both faded to grey."

Farkle sat down then Maya went up.

"The sun is a major resource for the earth. It gives heat, light, and energy. Its important you find someone to make you feel like your the sun to their earth."

Maya sits and Lucas goes up.

"There was an amazing duckling who was misunderstood by everyone in the world. She doesn't know this but she's the reason some people are the amazing people they are now. This girl maybe mysterious and sarcastic but she has a heart. Its to fragile to break."

Lucas looks at us. Was that story about me? It sounded awfully like Maya though. I see him look at Maya and she looks down. He looks at me and I pretend to tip my invisible hat to him. He smiles and walks to his seat. I feel our bond slowly mending. I miss this.

"Spencer would you like to go next?" She asks. "Um, id rather just turn it in. Mines kinda long and has a lot of details-"

"We have time." I hear Riley say and gives me a motivating smile. I smile back and walk to the front slowly. "I call this story The Four Clouds who made her day better."

"There was a girl who has had many things happen to her in her life. Many things not so luxurious as she wanted. She's in a hole and wants to feel alive again and as if she was 10 again. She goes on a hike. This hike was in a Forrest far from any human. She would have no connection to society. She started on May 27. Today is August 5. Her heat sorce is down, her water sorce is nowhere to be seen and she has one granola bar left for her food supply. She can build a fire and that's her heat source and she has been hunting but the farther she goes the less animals appear and the hotter it gets. She has 100 miles left and what's killing her now is dehydration. She walks unstable through the woods. She can't see straight and she can't think straight. She falls to the ground on her face. Her fave covered in dirt. Its hot and dry and she is dehydrated. She cant get up. She doesnt want to get up. All she has on her mind right now is rain.
rain, rain, rain
She flips over and looks up and stays still. She starts to see vultures fly over her, circling her, leting others know she is dead.
Rain, Rain, Rain
She becomes so weak she can barely blink. She attempts to speak but it nothing comes out of her mouth. Until, right when she wanted to give up, four small clouds move over her body. The clouds came together and rained right over the girls body. After days of it raining in the same spot she was fully hydrated and got enough water supply for her journey. She was then 1 mile from the finish line. She sees 4 people waiting. She runs. And runs until she finishes. And she's face to face with the 4 people who truly care for her and who she truly cares for. Her friends."

I sit in my seat. And look at Harper who is smiling. "I'm Impressed with everyone. Keep it up." She says. Then the bell rings.

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